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Longest Virtual Conference of Girls & Women without any Break

This is a Global Record. Global Recognition.


This Record is done by Grace Ladies Organization Singapore on 28th January 2022. It was longest conference four and a half hours without any break. Many girl speakers and guest mentors participated in “Girl’s Career Conference 2022”. The conference has done on zoom, participants are from India, Singapore, and the United States of America.

It was first time where any girl or woman did not take any break in a four and a half hours virtual conference and no one leave the conference in between. An online conference organized by Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing India, where only girls were the main speaker and mentor suggested the various paths to growth in their own passionate skills. It was an open discussion with all the speaker girls. Immediate opportunities to create their global identity and to earn money on their own.

This conference was focused on:

Career Strategy

Growth Strategy

Advanced Learning techniques

Future opportunities

Global planning

And self-employment strategies

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