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101 Rangoli Design by using 101 different materials

This is a Global Record. Global Recognition.


This Record is done by Grace Ladies Organization Singapore in November 2018. A total of 8 Participants participated to make this record. The display place was the famous “Gardens by the Bay” Singapore.

It was a completely unique display of 101 patterns/ designs of rangoli art by using 101 different Materials. (Like thread, pins, rubberbands, colors, diyas, wool, cotton, candles, etc.). It was displayed in the long corridor of Gardens by the Bay. It was a unique display of rangoli art, the very first time all over the world. It has already been recorded by the Singapore Book of Records. And now it has been acknowledged and registered with Grace Ladies Global Book of Records on 16 December 2021. Many congratulations to all teams of this record. Certificates have been issued to all participants.

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