Grace Ladies Global Club

How To Apply For Membership?
Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive all these documents by email:

  • Membership Certificate.
  • E-folder of membership.
  • Global Woman Certificate.
  • Official Badge.
  • Membership ID Card.
  • Social media Poster.

Only softcopy will be provided. You can print it according to your comfort.

Grace Ladies Organization was established in 2009 in Singapore with various cultural and educational programs, courses, and activities that reached to next level with Grace Ladies Global Academy in the USA. Grace Ladies is working globally; we started our journey with only 5 women in our circle and now reached 10,000+ women’s networks worldwide.

We are a registered Business college* in the United States of America (USA) to provide Self-Employment Online Courses, Global Recognition/ Accreditation to experts, and valuable Non-Academic Passionate Skills Certificates/ Honorary Degrees.


Yes, You can apply again with more details. You can fill up the application form again with more information and details.

Membership Cost:
$50 (Yearly)
$199 (Lifetime)
Head Office :
Major Benefit :
Global Identity
Worldwide Network: