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Grace Ladies Organization was founded in 2009 in Singapore with a variety of educational and cultural programs, courses, and events that advanced to the next level with the establishment of the Grace Ladies Global Academy as a business college* in the USA. Grace Ladies is an international organization; from a small group of five ladies at the beginning of our journey to more than 10,000 women’s networks now.

We are an officially recognized business college in the United States of America (USA), offering online courses for self-employment, expert accreditation and global recognition, as well as honorary degrees and certificates for women in non-academic fields of passion.

Honorary certificates and degrees are for those women and people who are working on various non-academic skills and talents as per their real-life experiences in their passionate skills. It is a unique kind of platform in the world, which is wholly dedicated to providing valuable International self-employment education, professional expertise certificates, and honorary degrees to everyone and supporting them to create their own identities. The best of the Academy is high-quality international standards and well-recognized non-academic courses, honorary certificates, degrees, and awards for girls and women at the most reasonable cost. 

Many of the women who have taken our courses have already developed successful careers. All of the events we’ve done—both live and online—have been focused on women. We give women and girls a platform to establish their identities and present themselves to the world. Grace Ladies has established a sizable global network and been named the MOST EMPOWERING WOMEN’S SELF-EMPLOYMENT EDUCATION ORGANIZATION 2022 by LuxLife Organization USA.



Our vision is to create a comprehensive platform on which anybody can study, earn money, and grow professionally on a global scale.


Our mission is to empower, inspire, and drive people, especially women to create a special environment in which they can succeed while pursuing their non-academic passions.


Our purpose is to give everyone, especially women, the opportunity to create a unique identity and a sustainable income.

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