Display of Plants with Positive Messages on 130 Hand Painted Milk Bottles

This is a Global Record. Global Recognition.


Record Holder Name: Sheetal Kejriwal

Location: Singapore

Total Hand Painted Milk Bottles: 130

Unique point: 130 milk bottles recycled and painted with a positive message.

Sheetal Kejriwal collected all the Meiji milk bottles that she consumed during the year 2020. (130 bottles) and amazingly cut those used 130 Meiji milk bottles, painted them and wrote a nice positive message on each bottle, recycled all bottles as plants pots, and gave eco-friendly environmental sustainability message to the society. The plants were displayed at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre on 19 Dec 2020 and distributed to visitors at the venue.

Sustainability is a way of life for her. She believes, out a small effort can also make a huge difference.

Instead of this global record, she has done a successful attempt on the Limca book of records for her college where she worked as an assistant professor.

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