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Our goal is to give everyone, especially women, the opportunity to create a unique identity and a sustainable income.

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Business College* for Educational Services named as Grace Ladies Global Academy, registered in the NC (USA) Reg. Number: C202216400994-1.

Global Platform for Professional Educational Services, named as Grace Ladies in Singapore and as Grace Ladies Global in India. 

*only non-academic passionate skills

Awards Winner

Most Empowering Women’s Self-Employment Education Organization 2022 from APAC Insider England the United Kingdom and Lux Life USA.

Best Women’s Career Development Platform 2023 announced by AI Global Media United Kingdom.

35+ International Awards.

Why People Choose Us as the Best Global Platform !

Because, We are a comprehensive platform that everyone, especially women, can utilize to learn, earn money, and advance their careers globally.

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Professional Expertise Certifications

40+ Streams | Be Expert In Your Passionate Skills!

Honorary Doctorate

40+ Streams | Get Honor For Your Passion!

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Get A Global Recognition!

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Most Featured Expertise Certificates

We offer 40+ professional expertise certifications that are recognized globally. Many students are obtaining advantages through our global network to begin their enterprises with the proper professional standards and financial support.

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Limitless Learning, Limitless Possibilities !

Our goal is to give a complete platform to everyone, on which they may learn, make money, and develop professionally on a worldwide scale.

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Our Best Features

Grace Ladies Global Academy is the world’s first academy to provide valuable International level of online non-academic certificates and honorary degrees in passionate skills.

Passion Platform

One of the best platforms for developing your passionate talents and worldwide learning to create a passive income for yourself through your passion.

Affordable Certifications

Many significant and high-quality professional certifications and honorary degrees are available for a very affordable cost.

Efficient & Flexible

Without going through a drawn-out course completion process, just write a paper according to the instructions and you’ll be certified.

Committed To The Best Results !

We are committed to creating an all-encompassing platform to encourage and promote all kinds of enthusiastic skills. Our goal is to give people access to a worldwide platform and support them as they pursue their passions as self-employed  to increase their income.

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Testimonials From Students

Most of our students, collaborative teams, ambassadors, and corporate partners have provided feedback. You can read some of the testimonials on our website.

“I highly recommend this academy for anyone seeking to enhance their passionate skills. The curriculum is well-structured and relevant. The academy’s commitment to student success is evident in their personalized approach to teaching and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure their students reach their goals.”

Diksha Chauhan

“The honorary doctorate degree I received from this academy is a true honor and recognition of my achievements. The process was seamless, and the faculty and staff were supportive and professional throughout. I appreciate the recognition this degree represents and am grateful for the opportunity to be associated with such a prestigious platform.”

Dr. Neeloopher