Club Membership Application Form

Declaration by Grace Ladies Global Ministry Member

I certify that the personal information I provided on the application form to Grace Ladies is accurate and full. Any changes to personal information will be made as soon as possible. I abide by all of Grace Ladies’ terms and conditions and only join the Grace Ladies Global Ministry—not the Grace Ladies Business.

As a condition of accepting membership, you agree that Grace Ladies has the right to terminate your membership immediately and without cause in the event of an unsatisfactory or unethical work attitude or performance, or as a result of any business conscious decisions that could harm Grace Ladies’ reputation or financial situation.

Please note that Grace Ladies Global Ministry is separate from Grace Ladies Business. Members of the Grace Ladies Global Ministry can participate in Grace Ladies Business in Singapore, the United States, and India based on their interests and qualifications. Membership in the Grace Ladies Global Ministry does not guarantee participation in any of the Grace Ladies Business initiatives.

Please be aware that once you submit this online membership form, you are making a legal commitment to us, including all terms and conditions.