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Dr. Shelly Singhal

(Psychological counselor)

Sherwood convent school, phase 4 , Mohali

Location: India

Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

Indian ,who have fast belief in pious epics like” Mahabharata” and “Ramayana” where Draupadi and Sita had set examples of Idealistic woman ,gained lot of respect for such women and in today’s age, although women had been proved to be backbone of Indian families as Indian women. Firstly played very impressive roles of Girl child in most lovable manner by her parents ,as a daughter, sister very dear to brothers ,wife a life companion for a husband, finally a mother very close to her sons and daughters used to be ready for all sacrifices to support them, like this finally a woman is considered as maker of family.In light of above reality is totally some thing very different, an educated Sophisticated women ,who is reared up by her parents in very affectionate atmosphere.

Married in process of love or arranged manner remained house wife for number of years, often treated with humiliation and allegations.

Husbands who sung song of this wife before and after marriage supported their parents and joined them in the sessions of Humiliation, shouting, blaming and doubting the wife.

In such Environments ,women felt desperate and depressed ,since her dreams shattered and ultimately a stage came when husband and wife had to approach Indian Courts for Divorce. The sufferings of a woman not ended here as after separation ,said woman had to depend upon her ,who although never say No entry to divorced daughter, accepted her entry as Sympathizer to Divorced daughter, since she was their own Blood. This divorced woman made use of her great strengths and enhanced her Education levels. Gained personal growth and earned laurels in the society. This desperate women derives not only satisfaction in her struggle, also become very energetic to face any type of adverse situations. She opted the Nobel profession of teaching with the help of her sincere friends, keeping in view that her tragedic story may be repeated in case of any Girl. She started to shining due to her strong ideologies, strong mind to rise and become self reliant. Today the divorced woman is very independent, earning, spending according to her own will.

A lesson is there out of above short story of a Woman, who had experienced all stages of life, tells that the husband not to take today’s wives as very weak one, they are the strength of the nation , having ability, education and sense of becoming self reliant and can pull on independently financially as self supported Woman Enterprise.

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 16th September 2020

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