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Global Record on Maximum Marathon Runs by a Woman

This is a Global Record. Global Recognition.


Record Holder Name: Dr. Sharmila Pandey

Location: India

Total Run Counts: 250 (10km, 15km, 21km, 25km, 32Km)

Unique point: 250 runs done by a home-maker/ a common woman, who is not related to any National or International Sports Community. Almost 6 runs in Saree (traditional Indian dress).

At the age of 44, when most of us, especially women decide to get retired from their career/work-life, Dr. Sharmila was determined and passionate to start her journey as a runner. Being completely away from any kind of sports activity for nearly two decades, who would have had imagined completing a run of 21.1 km which is nearly impossible. The passion to fulfill her desire and the perseverance to achieve her dreams put fire into Dr. Sharmila and she grabbed this opportunity as if this was the only one she would ever get!

Dr. Sharmila thoroughly believes that there’s nothing a woman can’t achieve if she’s determined and passionate enough. For her, the only limit and the obstacle for a woman is her own mind/her own thoughts. Nothing else can stop her. She is a staunch believer of womanhood and the power of a woman and endorses it to an extent that she celebrated her 100th Run in Saree. If you think, this was it, you are wrong- she even performed plank and push-ups in Saree to get a picture clicked with Milind Sonam. She truly believes in the most important quality of a woman – PATIENCE which she gracefully exhibited for 22 years before she gave herself a second chance. Being a woman and celebrating womanhood, she is also fond of cooking.

She has completed the maximum number of Marathon Runs, 250 in the count, at different locations in India. This is the maximum run by a woman all over the world. She has done 6 runs in Saree (Indian Traditional Dress).

She believes Marathon is not a competition, rather it’s an appreciation given to each and every participant and that motivates one to be on the ground every year.

From running a Marathon to running within the home during pandemics, Dr. Sharmila has been an excellent example of what determination can do for an individual!

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