Global Record of Most Inspiring Woman Blood Donor

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Record Holder Name: Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya

Location: India

Unique point: She is an inspiring blood donor, not only due to donating her own blood but even by spreading the awareness about blood donation and motivating people through public campaigns to be a part of this.

Blood Donation Details

1) Indian Serological Institute Blood bank, Organized by Jay Anand Group, Pune, dated, 21/07/2001.

2) Rakesh Jain Memorial Blood Bank, Organized by Manav Adhikar Jain Shodh Pathak, Pune, date 18/04/2008

3) Indian Serological Institute Blood bank, Organized by Jay Anand group, Pune, date 2 August 2008

4) Poona serological Institute Blood blank, dated 30th Nov. 2009

5) Seva Blood Bank and Component, Nashik, dated, 26/09/2010

6) Blood Donate, Organized by Samruddhi Jivan Pvt. Limited, Dated 26th of Sep. 2011

7) Jankalyan Raktpedhi, jalana, dated 22/01/2012

8) Save Blood, Save Life Blood Bank, Organized by Siddhi Vinayak Group, Dated 21 May 2014

Awarded “Rakt Data” (Blood Donar) Purskar with the hands of Retired IAS Officer Avinash Dharmadhikari, Organized by Rohini Jadhav Trust, Daund, Dated 15/02/2015. (Donated Blood 18 Times) Despite being a woman, you donated blood 18 times. First of all, women have to face many health problems. But still, the blood donation work you are doing is huge/great. So Rohini Jadhav Trust honored her with the awarding ‘Rakt Data’ Award.

Inspiring Story of Record Holder:

As we celebrate 14 June is ‘World Blood Donor Day. ‘A single drop of blood can make a huge difference.’ I remember My Grand Mother (My Mother’s Mother Sakharbai Nahar) was very sick. She was admitted, in March 2001. With my mother, I went to the Hospital to see/ meet her. We reached the hospital, and I saw Dr. Asking our relative about anyone have o + Blood Group. I always wanted to donate blood, but never get a chance or opportunity. I immediately told the doctor. I have an o + blood group. I wish to donate blood to my grandmother. That was the first day in my life when the first time I donated blood. After Donating Blood, I ask Doctor when? Where? Whom? And how many times I should donate blood? The doctor told me, Donors, with blood type O +… can donate to recipients with blood types A, B, AB, and O (O is the universal donor) donors with O blood are compatible with any other blood type and told me the benefits of blood donation. That day I decided whenever there is a need for blood I will always be there. I gave my name and No. to Doctor and said him that next time call me if anyone required 0+ blood. Dr. smile and said, now after 3 months will call you. Here my journey of Donating Blood starts. I was really happy. “Every drop of blood is like a breath for someone! Donate blood.” “Never refuse to donate blood if u can, as you may be the next needy.” I donated blood to relatives, friends, and the Needy (10) and in various Blood Donations Camps I donated Blood (8) times (March 2001 to May 2014) I have regret because after 2014 to till date I went to donate blood, but because of low Hemoglobin, I can’t. October 2014, I got chicken pox. For six months I suffered from chicken pox and it affected my health. Even today is the 14th of June ‘World Blood Donation Day,’ I still went for blood donation but again due to low hemoglobin I couldn’t do it. Even though I could not donate blood, I persuaded my friends to donate blood. Stated its importance. Although I could not do it today, due to the public awareness campaign in the society to donate blood, many close people started donating blood. So I am happy at least someone helps needy ones. ‘A donation of blood means a few minutes to you, but a lifetime for somebody else.’

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