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Global Record of Longest Video Event to Celebrate International Women’s Day “She is Global”

This is a Global Record. Global Recognition.


The longest video event (without virtual/ online meeting) the first time ever to celebrate International Women’s Day, with the various e-awards to many women from different countries. Each awardee got sufficient time to speak her message on women’s day and to connect globally at Grace Ladies Platform.

Five days with back-to-back videos of many women with a lot of success stories, new learnings, connections, motivation, collaborations, new opportunities and inspiration.

She is Global Video Event

She is Global Event 2022

From 7th March to 11th March 2022

Name: She is Global Video Event & Awards 2022 by Grace Ladies Organization

Unique Point: First time ever a long video event to celebrate “International Women’s Day”.


Global Inspirational Woman Award 2022

Global Women Leadership Award 2022

Global Women Prestige Award 2022

Global Women Entrepreneurship Award 2022

Global Woman Icon Award 2022

Global Youth Icon Award 2022

Global Award for Science & Innovation 2022

Global Award of Dance Innovation 2022

Global Award of Women Empowerment & Inspiration 2022

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