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A tool book to be a global Entrepreneur!

Written By:

H.C. Prof. Dr. Sona Pandey

Book Introduction

Yes, a woman always has the capability to be global and spread her wings with new heights and possibilities, you know why? Because she has the courage, patience, passion, planning, power, integrity, control, love, trust, responsibility, protection, positivity, confidence, presentation, grace, and internal recognition.

Now, the question is why only few women are global and working as global entrepreneurs?

It is because most of the women are not aware about their own real identity. Each and every woman has all capabilities to be global and to create her own identity as a global entrepreneur, but they do not focus on it and struggle with many problems.

So, where is the solution for those women? Yes, here is the solution in this book, “She is Global”. A woman can use this book…

As a success tool
Can make this book her best friend
Can find the answer to all her questions
Can find her real passion
Can understand the characteristics of a successful global woman as a global entrepreneur
Can find her global path to create her global identity on her own

Each chapter of this book can work as a spark. Sometimes, reading is difficult, but if it shows you a clear path, it will never make you feel bored. Read this book like an enlightening path for you.

This book is full of all possible tools and techniques to go global. All written chapters can enlighten your capability to become a global woman entrepreneur, and various proven strategies in this book can web a global success path for the reader.

There are many success stories added through which you can inspire and start your success journey as a global woman and entrepreneur.

Chapter 1: Patience, Planning, Passion and Power (4P Tools)
Chapter 2: Restraint (Control over Thoughts & Grow with Planned Mindset)
Chapter 3: Courage and Integrity
Chapter 4: Mindset of Women Entrepreneurs
Chapter 5: Mindset of Global Entrepreneurs
Chapter 6: Tools and Techniques of Global Entrepreneurship
Chapter 7: Success Stories
Grace Ladies Platform for being GLOBAL
Global Business Vocabulary

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