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"Official Paper Submission will give you more credibility to receive Honorary Doctorate in your passionate skill."

Why there is a need of Honorary Doctorate Official Paper?

The paper submission is a crucial step in earning your honorary doctorate. The paper will demonstrate your application-related work and confirm your qualification for an honorary doctorate in your area of expertise.

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How to prepare your paper:

Font Size 12, Font: Times New Roman, 5-12 pages Word Document (.Docx OR .Doc)
You just send Word document with following writing steps by paper submit button below at this page.

Steps to write your paper:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your current country and city
  • Your current profession/ Business
  • Title of your paper according to your applying stream ( Example: My Journey as a Creative Writer, Empowering People as a Creative Writer).
  • One of your quotes (if any).
  • About your passionate skill in which you are applying for a doctorate
  • Importance of that skill in your life and how you are supporting people through that skill
  • Share some of your experiences or stories or blueprints (write some of your stories or experience) 
  • How are you completing all your responsibilities with your passionate work?
  • What obstacle did you face? 
  • How did you deal with your obstacles?
  • How do you prepare yourself for new opportunities and challenges? 
  • Your significant strengths in your passionate skill
  • Who is motivating you? and how are you inspiring others?
  • What is the meaning of success for you?
  • How can a woman go global with her passionate skill?
  • Why did you apply for an honorary doctorate, and how honorary doctorate can support you in completing your goals?
  • Your message as an honorary doctorate 
  • Your views about Grace Ladies Global Academy
  • Thanks, Note
  • Add some references (If any)
  • Some photos of your work

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