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Women at Stake

Seema Seal

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Location : Singapore

Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

A woman is the epitome of the universe; be it a sister, mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter-in-law, grandmother and the list goes on. Why does she have to prove her strength to society, isn’t it good enough for every person to appreciate her the way she is.

Women have so much power. One lifetime would be less to gauge her mental strength, yet she’s considered the weaker section of the society….Why??

Women need to be respected and appreciated giving her the importance which she’s worthy of. Let’s all understand the lady, instead of judging her on each and every aspect, and assuming things without having full knowledge.

Women carry so much of beauty not only externally, but internally too, irrespective of her colour, caste or religion. The actual essence of a woman’s beauty is love , which she shares with everyone with her surroundings by playing different roles in her lifetime, that in itself is infinite ♥️.

Every woman ♥️ in our society needs to be seen with the right frame of mind, it is still so sad that she’s still considered  a second citizen in a lot of families .

How many times does she have to prove her strength, just to earn respect and importance…is it worth it??

We as women need to understand each other’s issues, empower and support ️ too, but that’s far from reality . 
How many can implement, and go out of the way to empower another woman without seeing any profit. Easier said than done, but we can change our mindset and be more generous and thoughtful towards other women .

My humble request is that let’s pledge from today onwards to empower others, respect, love and support ️ each other, life can be so much better, because women are the actual pride of the universe ️♥️. Live and let live and make your life worthy for others.

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 22nd September 2020

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