Fashion And Styling

Mrs. Kartiki Amod Kulkarni

Fashion Stylist

Location: Singapore

I feel every Woman is beautiful in her own way. Styling in the right way enhances her confidence and highlights her features. So if you want to be Fashionable, do not limit your thoughts about Fashion in one particular way. Keep yourself open to different experiments with Styling and Fashion. To explain that further with examples, here are some points:

1: Try newer haircuts and styles once in a while.
2: Explore different shades/colors of your Lipsticks and Nail paints. Do not limit yourself to just a few favorite shades.

3: Throughout your life, especially in Women, many physical changes take place due to various reasons like Pregnancy, Medical Issues, Hormonal Changes.

We should accept these changes which cannot be controlled by us and do not compare yourself with anyone else. Accepting this, we’ll have to choose our styles accordingly. Fashion doesn’t have rules that need to be followed. What Fashion requires is your Creativity and Personal Comfort.

If we follow this, we can create our own Fashion Styles. To keep yourself updated and to get new ideas and to make doing Fashion easy , here are some tips and tricks to be followed:

Keep a week’s accessories which include Earrings , Belts, Hairpins , Bracelets, Nail paints and Scarves. And on every weekend, replace last week’s accessories with new matching accessories. By following this tip, all your accessories would be in use in rotation and you will get a sense of trying new styles every time.

To keep yourself updated about the latest trends in Fashion, do read Fashion Magazines .
Fashion is a Cycle which has been rotating for years. If we observe, Styles which were trending in Older Years, are trending even today such as Palazzos , Anarkalis , Bell Bottoms , etc. We can add our creativity and create our own Fashion Styles.

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 17th September 2020

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