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Medical Professionals are working with many technologists to offer better health care, but not allot the health and social problems can be solved through the modern medical sciences. The advent of fascinating diagnostic tools has started pointing to the role of mind on matter. Today, Medical science is accepting the importance of value of Yoga in human well-being and there are several researches conducted to prove this by modern scientist. Yoga, a science not less than 5000 years old and has catered to human transformation. Yoga is one among the six systems of Indian philosophy known as “shad (sat) darshanas”. One of the great Sage, Patanjali, compiled the essential features and principles of yoga from earlier yogaupanishads in the form of ‘Sutras’ or aphorisms.These yoga sutras were the prominent and vitalcontribution in the field of yoga. According to Patanjali yoga is a conscious process of gainingmastery over the mind.Yoga is not twisting your body , standing on head and various postures, it’s one of the minisculeaspects of Yoga. The word “Yog” means “union”is derived from the verb (yuj) in sanskrit. ”Yuj” means joining with the universal existence.

Definition of Yoga

As per Patanjali Yoga sutras “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah” YG1.2 which defines Yoga is a process of gaining control over the mind. Explained in detail as followsLearn more

Yogah – to join or unite

Chitta – consciousness, (derived from verb Sanskrit verb Chit which means to make aware, tao incite)

Vritt – fluctuations,functional modifications of chitta/mind, behavior of mind

Nirodhah – quieting of, bringing to complete cessation

Meaning – Yoga is bringing to complete cessation of the functional modifications of chitta, In simple words Yoga is nothing but mastery over mind. Vrittis rise in chitta one after another like the circular waves moving in disturbed water and this similarity with the water waves is also often implied in the word chitta. So the controlled and tranquillized citta is often compared with undisturbed water of lake.

As per Bhagavad Gita “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam” (Gita 2.50) Yogah – Yoga means Karmasu – ActionKaushalam – Efficiency, dexterity, skills Yoga is dexterity in action. The dexterity is in maintaining relaxation and awareness inaction. Yoga is known as a process or technique to reach the ultimate state of perfection. Thus yoga is a skillful science of gaining mastery
There are Four streams of Yoga. There are a large number of methods of Yoga catering to the needs of different persons in society to bring about the transformation of the individual.Swami Vivekananda putsthem as Work and Worship, Philosophy and psychic control. They are broadly classified into four streams as follows

  1. Karma yoga :-The path of action which suits people with active temperament. Performing actions selflessly- without thinking of success or reward – purifies the heart and reduces the ego. This makes human release himself from the strong attachment and thereby brings in him a steadiness of mind.
  2. Bhakti Yoga :-The yoga of devotion and is perfect for people who are emotional by nature. In this modern world, we all are tossed up and down due to emotional on slaughts. The control of emotions is the key to the path of worship as explained in Bhakti yoga.The path of Bhakti is a boon to gain control over emotional instabilities by properly harnessing the energy involved in it. Prayers, worship and rituals and mantra chanting is an essential part of bhakti yoga.
  3. Jnana Yoga :-The yoga of wisdom or knowledge is most suitable for intellectual people.The path of philosophy is centered around the analysis of “happiness”,the vital contribution of Upanishads. Also many other fundamental questions regarding the mind.
  4. Raja Yoga :-The science of controlling body and mind.The yoga of mind culture or psychic control gives practical and easy approach to reach higher states of consciousness. It is based on the Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali’s yoga system

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