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Written by: Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya
Ambassador of Grace Ladies Organization
Lecturer, Journalist, Trekker, Photographer, Anchor

Location: Pune, Maharashtra – India
Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.
— Michelle Obama

If anyone is endowed with a universally powerful form by nature, it is unquestionably/ undoubtedly by birth it’s “female. The introduction of physical maturity where a woman endures the pain of childbirth, at the same time it underlines the “guru’s existence” while nurturing the child and teaching child to giving back to society is the motto of life. In whose honor the epithet “Lord of all The Three Worlds is A Beggar without His Mother”.  It’s revealed that such a woman can be superior to men.

See the fun of the destiny progress, inspiration and hope while at the same time the power-enhancing and affectionate blend of the nine rasa’s of Love, Joy, Wonder, courage, peace, compassion, anger, fear and Disgust that’s why she is likened to Adishakti in Indian culture. It is in this that her great form is seen.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we always salute the work, hard work, and determination of women. It’s always said that when crises and problems come her way, she proves herself through this struggle and at the same time enriches the lives of others and shows them direction, her courage and determination must be saluted.

There are many women who have fought and won by taking every problem as a challenge. Malala who fought for education, Oprah Winfro who made her failure the first step to success, and Mary Kom are good examples of how to fight boxing punches in the face of the situation and how to live. Mary Kom, the boxing champion who made it to the Olympic medal. Nirbhaya, who was 23 years old on 16 December 2012, battled death for 13 days; she gave strength to many Nirbhaya to fight against injustice. Lakshmi, who lost her face in an acid attack, is still fighting against acid attackers and acid makers and sellers to get a ban. Each of them suffered a lot in life but today they are fighting for us.

Women have the capacity to bring about change and they are an integral part of this transformation. Malala tells everyone that it’s not important where you come from, but what matters are your dreams, for which you have to fight. Opera Winfro says that there is no such thing as failure, when we stumble; we think that life is trying to take us in some direction. Only in that area, it seems that we are falling into the rocks! Things don’t happen like the mind, let it feel bad, do what you want to do, keep counting the mistakes in your mind. You will find a key in measuring it, that key will tell you easily, see if this is wrong, correct this and then you will realize how to get out of it.” Mary has given a mantra to every mother who has become a mother, that is, “The specifics of each pregnancy. There is time.” It should be done with joy.

Now days we more talk about equality. What is gender equality? Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential. Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful societies, with full human potential and sustainable development. Moreover, it has been shown that empowering women spurs productivity and economic growth.

Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to achieve full equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. A forward-thinking woman can take not only the family but also society forward. For that, you need to be proud of being a woman. But one should be able to preserve the femininity given by the Lord. Both men and women are important wheels for society to move forward. A woman alone or a man alone is incapable of developing society. So first you have to decide from whom you want to be free. Do you want freedom from men? I think not. We want freedom from the yoke of tradition, from oppressive customs, from the hanging sword of daily oppression. The mentality of treating women as secondary, be it women or men, must change. She should be allowed to live her life in her own way. Even today, many earning women cannot use their salaries as they want. A woman is basically thrifty and advocates fair exchange. So she doesn’t spend a lot of money. But still, she is not entitled to her salary. Changes are taking place on a large scale. The woman is walking shoulder to shoulder with the man. But even today, in many middle-class families, girls do not have the right to study and work as per their wishes. Equality between men and women, as I understand it, means that men and women understand each other and develop. Just because the lawgiver made a woman bearable does not mean that she should bear and men should do injustice. Nor is it that women should act arbitrarily in the name of women’s liberation. Equality is to understand and improve.

Progress by both understanding each other is development. Be it at work or at home, it is very important to support each other. It doesn’t matter who takes the falling side. It is important to understand and move forward. Women also need to work freely and independently without just talking about equality. Feminine means प्रकृती and Purusha means पुरुष. Nature has also given equal importance to both of them. Then why should we discriminate? We should go beyond the distinction between men and women and understand each other as human beings. It is necessary to try to create a better society by combining the plus points that she has as a woman and the plus points that he has as a man.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I want to say only one thing; we need support in the dream of soaring high. All you need is the support that someone is behind you with Faith. I think this need is not only for women but for everyone. If you travel with the understanding that no man or woman is superior or inferior, you can easily reach the desired simplicity.

There is so much to talk about it. In order to end injustice, oppression, and inequality, a higher level of thinking should be reached and understood of course, by both men and women.

“ चलो फिर, दो कदम  आप चलो… दो कदम  हम चलेंगे…”

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 8th March 2023

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