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Journey of love…

Written by: Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya
Ambassador of Grace Ladies Organization
Lecturer, Journalist, Trekker, Photographer, Anchor

Location: Pune, Maharashtra – India
Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

14th Feb, whole world celebrate this day as a valentine day. This is the day of love… Actually we should celebrate this day to every day. Because there should be not one day of love and we don’t have to express it only on that day. So we can love anytime, anywhere and anyone. But we need to know what love is? Sometimes a loved one leaves, forgets or passes away. No matter how much one loves someone, there are limits to love. Today is Valentine’s Day so I want to say that if you love a person, you must remember that there are limits because it is better to think about it in advance than to suffer later.

The day of speaking and writing about my favorite subject is approaching. Well Valentine’s Day…some might say, why does it need a specific day? Love can be expressed at any time. Love is not only a lover and a girlfriend… But if you think about it, you realize that are you really eager to express love? Or do you have time for it? Or some may think, there is love, and then what is the need to express it? A counter question to all these questions, then what is the problem if there is a special day to express love? Because in today’s rush, all the special day events have happened. So what…. Don’t you have to love? Must do. But not on the person, but on the feeling of love. If so, maintaining that love depends on our mind. It doesn’t matter how the person in front is behaving. Another thought is to give your love to those who really need it. Donation of love should also be Satpatri.

Expressing love is not about words; but it is important to keep expressing it. Sometimes through actions, sometimes through eyes, sometimes even through silence… This ‘intimate’ life of love will gradually show even today’s generation that runs with the speed of the wind; but then, what’s wrong with sharing this beautiful feeling with them….!

In fact love cannot have a specific term, it cannot have a single language, and it is entirely subjective. Love is an amalgamation of many pure emotions which can include feelings of affection, attraction, care and sacrifice as well as anger, lust, suspicion, possessiveness etc. But the most basic and important factor is respect. Where there is no respect there is no love. Acknowledging the other person’s separate existence and fully embracing it should be the first step in love. Expecting someone to change my love is against the concept of love. Whatever; But the color of the air It is getting pink But true. In the meantime, we heard some different thoughts and heard an interview of a senior actress. According to him, there is no such thing as ‘love’ between a man and a woman. In the beginning it is only physical attraction, then it becomes how to do it… it is a habit of each other and the result of that habit is affection towards each other. It is from that feeling that each other is taken care of and done. In this journey, the feeling of ownership towards each other that arises, we also understand this feeling as love. In fact pure love can only exist in one relationship, that of a parent for their child.

We had this experience Last year. Last year we went to Vanaprasthashram, an old age home, with some young and talents youth (Girls) to interact, sharing happiness and giving smile on their space. The statement that today’s Youth do not have respect, love and affection for their elders was proved false by the youth. Coincidentally, this meeting took place on the evening of Valentine’s Day. These grandparents, who lived far from their home, felt strongly how much they needed their love and touch. Loneliness is very bad. Especially old age needs companionship. It cannot be said that your life partner will support you till death because man has no power over birth and death. Even if there is no spouse, there is hope that there are children. We expect them to take care of us. But expectation is the root of sorrow. Disappointment ensues and these grandparents are sent to a nursing home.

The girls and grandparents literally cried on that day. Grandparents remembered their grandchildren by watching the programs performed by the girls. The girls also enjoyed the company of their grandparents. It was very bad when leaving. Grandparents didn’t let go of their mother like children hold on to their mother’s mantle. We were also unable to move. The girls had brought food for the grandparents. The grandparents who spent their whole life for their world were very surprised. The girls even fed them with love. We left with tears in our eyes and memories in our hearts. Grandparents also knew that this love which they got through girls is not permanent. But they enjoyed it. Some grandparents didn’t mix at all. It felt bad at first. But then I thought, what is wrong with them? They must have lost faith in the feeling of love. Their hearts have been hurt so much by their own person that’s why they don’t want to get involved.

There is no other happiness like loving abundantly. You just have to remember who to do it on. Give it to those who need it. There are many places where we can shower our love. There is fear that love for a person will be short-lived. But if you love the feeling of love, there is no end to it. So let’s go on a journey of love…

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 14th February 2023

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