An Urn of Ashes

Written by: h.c. Dr. Shipra Sharma
 IT program manager

Location:  High Barns Close, United Kingdom

Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

A tiny frame of human emerges into the world
Unknown of the vagaries of life, clutching to the mater curled
The eyes glow with an intensity of inquisitiveness about the strange air around
While the mum can’t stop beaming at the new bundle of joy found
From milk to juice to tea to a whisky
Climbing through different stages of life so briskly
From a buggy to a cycle to a scooter and then a car
Life feels great with hopes scaling the tower
Where the longing to live so many lives in one instigates
Few bury their heads into books while the others are on a run for play mates
The mature reflection drives us into the clutches of hope, joy, sadness, and despair
Where living is as good as sitting for a test without any time to prepare
We all undergo the cycle of greed, contempt, love, and lust
Forgetting that one day this beautiful face, the perfect contours will turn into dust
In the final analysis you would regret the moments you could spend and remember the ones
who mattered the most
Where you will be a mere spectator and the divine entity will play the host
The images will dance before your eyes and the reel of life will appear as a cluster of flashes
While every fragment of your existence will burn down and all that remains will be
an urn of ashes

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 28th January 2023

Copyright 2022 Grace Ladies Singapore


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