Article: And the Journey begins….

Inspirational Learning from Bowman Irani

Written by: Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya
Ambassador of Grace Ladies Organization
Lecturer, Journalist, Trekker, Photographer, Anchor

Location: Pune, Maharashtra – India
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Significance of a person who reached a turning point in his life at the age of 44, who changed his life, his life journey from being a waiter to shopkeeper then sports photographer to an award winning actor.  He is none other than Bowman Irani ji.  Success, Name, Fame he received for his best acting/ performance in the movie “Muuna Bhai M.B.B. S” and “3 Idiots”. Despite early setbacks and a late start as an actor, Boman Irani ji never lost sight of his passion and commitment to hard-working. I got a chance to listen to Bowman Irani at a recent event. The theme was, “And the Journey Begins ..He came; he saw and he conquered… and said a lot of important and inspirational things, which is something everyone learns from him especially today’s youth.”

Mr. Bowman Irani

This is what he said: Inspiring words of Mr. Bowman Irani. Written by Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya

“I was born on December 2, 1959, and my father died in May 1959,” said the emotional Iranian. I was born a little late because I couldn’t see my father and before I was born my father’s umbrella was gone. So no matter where I go, I get there on time. He emphasized the importance of time. By telling such short stories, he drew everyone’s attention to the critical aspects.

1. Never give up – No matter what task you undertake, no matter how many difficulties you face, don’t give up, the ultimate satisfaction will bring you happiness. Telling the above story, when he decided to start a waiter’s first job in life, he went and met his grandmother, and tell her, I Want to do this job. So Grandma said do the best you can in life. No matter the job is small or big.

2. Start with the base – Just… I always remembered my grandmother’s words and with the thought of making the best of my life, I went to the Taj Hotel to interview the waiter, the Parsi manager asked me where to start, I said from the top floor, then he said, Start at the basement, and then you will reach the top. His sentence has made a home in my mind, when you start from the first step, only then you can reach the height (up to the top). (Start with the base, and then you will reach the top)

3. Never forget where you come from – Never forget where you came from. He told the above story that when I go for various shows, Organizer offer me 5 star hotel, provide best facilities but still they ask me is everything okay ? Is everything good? Isn’t there something wrong with the system? Even when I am in a 5 star hotel, when they asked this question, I do not forget the situation from which I came. The situation they are facing is not the same as ours, but when I am a member of such a family, how can I forget who I am.

4. Come out on your comfort zone – Get out of your comfort zone. For example, if the father’s business is not the same business, do what you love. Do something different yourself.  Problems have to be fought but the ultimate solution is worth. And then I started a photography business that I loved.

5. Commitment is Important – The situation brings something even better for you. When I got the job of doing an international photo shoot, I wanted to take 3 photos and for that will get Rs. 900. I wanted to take a photo of Jugal Bandi between two dancers, but that didn’t happen. So I thought that if they don’t like the photos which I take, so what is the use of wasting time and money? Then I realized, money is not essential, but I gave commitment to them. Work of commitment is important and I took 3 photos, they liked it and I got Rs. 900, moreover, every time those photos were used, I got paid for it.

6. Wait for the Right time – After photography career, he stepped into the field of acting at the age of 44. Talking about this he said, Shiamak Davar and I met in a studio three months later, and we went out for lunch, where I met Alyque Padamsee, who asked me to audition for a theatre role.

I was given a two-and-a-half-minute part. Even though the play was a flop, he received positive feedback. He was given a role in another play, “I am not Bajirao,” in which he had to be a 75-year-old guy, for which he was paid Rs. 200. Boman was supposed to perform the play in a 150-person auditorium.

“A gentleman approached us a few days before the opening night and remarked, “Why are you presenting this play in such a small theatre, you need a huge one.” Why hire such a large theatre for such a short play, we questioned. ‘Nothing in this world is little or trivial,’ he replied. We rented the TATA Theatre, a 1200 seater, for some inexplicable reason, and it was completely sold out. In the same theatre, the play ran continuously for ten years,” he said.

7. Passion And Dedication are Important – And there was no looking back. He started getting offers to several other movies like Munna Bhai MBBS, 3 Idiots, Main Hoon Na, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Dostana, and many more. He’s now has earned a name for himself in the entertainment world with his passion and dedication.

8. Age is just a number – Boman Iraniji proved that age is just a number. Despite getting a late start in his career, he’s making the most of it by taking on a variety of roles. This versatile 62-year-old actor is a testimony that there is no right time to do what you love to do in life. If you believe in something, go out and do it. The world will adjust.

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On 28th July 2022

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