Article: Importance of a homemaker

Kriti Gaur

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According to the dictionary, A housewife is a woman who does not have a job outside the home and who spends her time cleaning the house, cooking, looking after her family, etc. This definition in itself proves how challenging is the role of a housewife. It contains many responsibilities and roles in itself. Housewife is the most important role a woman plays but she doesn’t get appreciation as much she deserves.

Housewives are the largest workforce in the world who works 24/7 without questioning and in return are paid nothing for their efforts. If she is paid the role of housewife’s duties can amount to billions annually. Housewives have their impact on the whole country… the major impact is that on the economic growth of the country.

It’s been said that behind every successful man there is a woman. It’s not merely a statement, it has logic behind it. It’s the woman… a housewife who actually takes care and nourishes the man by providing him food on time and a proper diet so that he can work hard the whole day for his nation’s growth. Another economic benefit that is received from a housewife is achieved by the cultural values bestowed. She is the one who teaches a child to move on the path of honesty and lead a successful and corruption-free life. She is the one who promotes the habit of savings in the family.

The education of a girl child, the future homemaker, and mother, has been badly neglected in India In the past few countries. It is very surprising to imagine what kind of future generation can be expected from such a society where the mother, ‘the main architect of the family’ dwells in a state of ignorance.

The significance of educating girls began to be realized by society that if mothers were also educated, they could solve day-to-day health problems, provide nutrition through a balanced diet according to age and physical requirements.

Not only this, the educated mothers could very well fulfill the never-ending clothing needs of the family, proper upbringing of the children, understanding their psychology, and also making the home beautiful and comfortable. All this could be well managed and could be better accomplished if mothers were well informed and better educated.

All these aspects of knowledge that are primarily concerned with strengthening and improving family life are grouped together and a new discipline of Home Science has been created.

It has evolved through various stages of growth and from time to time has been called Domestic Science, Domestic Arts, Domestic Economy, Household Science, Household Arts, Household Economy, Household Administration, or Home Craft.

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On 18th Feb 2022

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