“My Endless Wishes”

Preeti Prajapati

Young Inspirational Leader
National Ambassador

Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing India

Location: Kashipur, India

Published at: Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

Once I asked Myself, ” what is a wish”?

I found myself wishing is a Desire or a Feeling, that you want to have something. Wish is a genuine Emotion, that we wish to get something which we dream for. My Wishes are that I want to make true the wishes that are only mine.

“I wanna go on the beach in my dreamy beautiful gown at midnight, I just wanna dance, chase the fog, chase the waves, chase the Moon and then just observe the stars. “I dream for I would see sunrise and sunset and take the beautiful pictures of the view. I wanna run through the waves and catch the butterfly, feel the wind in my hair, spend hours with the beautiful place.

“I wish someday I may have a magic stick and I just wanna fill my dreamy wishes which are endless.

“I wanna make myself a happy person and spread my smile to the beautiful world. I wanna make beautiful memories. I just want to create a beautiful and happy life for myself. I just wanna achieve my beautiful endless wishes.

“I wanna feel more alive with those beautiful and sweet memories”.

Oh, GOD! BLESS ME, I just want to admire my endless beautiful Wishes. Come and Make my wishes true. Wishes! My endless Wishes, I admire you because you are ENDLESS. 

Published by: Grace Ladies Organization Singapore

On 5th Jan 2022

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