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Global Record of Organic Horticulture and Sustainable Farming with Women Empowerment

Registered with Grace Ladies Global Book of Records on 26th July 2022.

Category: Science & Innovation

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Record Holder Name: Dr. Lalita Vijay Bora

Location: India

Unique point: Organic Horticulture and Sustainable Farming

Meet with the Record Holder

Dr. Lalita Vijay Bora

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She started her career in Agro-processing with long experience, qualifications, and a position in agri- industry in India encouraged her to initiate her NGO. 

“Heart AgroTech Institute ” Pune registered under Society Act and TrustAct.The spell ” HEART” describes the object and mission of her Institute.

H=Horticultural Development 

E= Education and Export 

A= Sustainable Agriculture 

R= Research, Rehabilitation 

T= Trade, Training 

By offering Training on Innovative, Nutritious, Healthcare products with quality parameters and quality confirmation. She supported and developed 1500 entrepreneurs. 

In India. All training must as per FPO, US FDA, HACCP, GATT, etc. 

Recently she granted India patent on 21st December 2021 for ” Nicotine Free Tobacco substitute,” which has helped the Tobacco Cessation Programme of WHO since 2003. She use SAMARTH VIDA as Replacement Tool for Tobacco Cessation. Again she is working for health care products like Samarth Vedanasanharak, Samarth Vida, and Samarth Herbal Soot ( cigarettes substitute). Samarth Mishri ( Burned tobacco substitute), Samarth immunity booster, Samarth Anti-Diabetic Mukhawas 

Doctors opinion that her products are excellent. She is successful in tobacco quiting of more than 5000 people.

All products have 100% result oriented.