Grace Ladies Global Book of Records


Grace Ladies Global Book of Records

Grace Ladies Global Book of Records (GLGBR) is a well-organized book of records club under the book club activity of GRACE LADIES Company Singapore.

GLGBR is a unique platform for only women to record their achievements on a global level.

The motive of Grace Ladies Global Book of Records is to Recognize and Motivate women to create and get honor for their existing and new achievements.

Why you should register your record with us?

To be recognized globally.
Grace Ladies Global Book of Records is a growth platform for all women, who want to showcase their talent all over the world.

If your achievement will record with us, you will get recognized all over the world and you can be qualified to work with us as per your interest.

Grace Ladies Organization established in 2009 in Singapore with various cultural educational programs, courses and activities, reached to next level with Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS) and Grace Ladies Global Academy in the USA. Grace Ladies is working globally, we started our journey with only 5 women in our circle and now reached 10,000+ women circle all over the world. We have been providing many Self-Employment Education, Online Events, and Honorary Degrees only to women in honor of their expert skills. We have already built the careers of many women who are connected with us. We have done 170+offline and online events and all events dealt with women. We are providing space for women and girls to showcase themselves globally and create their own identities.  Grace Ladies has achieved many global levels of awards and developed a women’s network in 15+ Countries.

What you will get?

Recognition and honor
You will receive a well-recognized Global Book of Records Certificate from us.

Recognition to the achiever.

Support to build your confidence.

Support to create your identity.

Grace Ladies Global Club membership is free of cost.

Great discount for all achievers, if they will join any course of Grace ladies Online Self-Employment School GLOSS.

Global recognition.

Your achievement will register, published, and acknowledge in GLGBR.

Special invitations to all achievers in our global event.

Recognition as Grace Ladies Global Book of Records Achiever.

A professional poster and badge will be provided, which you can post on all social media to gain attraction from your friends and viewers.


Grace Ladies Global Book of Records will be registered/acknowledged for a woman/girl, who has completed/ achieved valuable and unique work in a particular field. She achieved expertise in that area of work.  Nominees need not have been educated in that expertise field, in which they want to set a new global record with us. All age girls/ women from any country/ continent/ area can apply and register their records in GLGBR.

Criteria to apply

While many organizations worldwide provide their own strict criteria to register a record, at GLGBR acknowledgment may only be given to a woman/girl with valuable and new lifetime achievement with her passionate skill.

The GLGBR requires the candidate to complete the following steps to complete:

  1. Fill up the form on this page with all details asked.
  2. Provide all required documents after fill-up the form in a follow-up mail.
  3. Compulsory to provide photos and videos of your record.
  4. Submit the details about your record to publish on Grace Ladies website. (candidate will get all directions to write the details through Grace Ladies Officials).
  5. GLGBR will get “RECORD AWARD CERTIFICATE” online, so any woman/girl can apply from any country or region.

Selection Process

Based on the type of record being registered, the GLGBR Evaluating Committee reviews applications. Candidates typically must submit the application form with all required details.

GLGBR evaluating Committee reviews all documentation and presents it to the GLGBR president. The administration notifies accepted application candidates and presents the award certificate by mail.


For Individual: Total cost with record registration, publication, and e-award certificate: Original Cost: $91 (USD), INR 6734 | Promotional Sponsored Cost: $27 (USD) INR 1998

For Group (2-5): Total cost with record registration, publication, and e-award certificate: Original Cost: $41 (USD), INR 3034 (Each candidate) | Promotional Sponsored Cost: $18 (USD) INR 1332 (Each Candidate)

For 6-12: Total cost with record registration, publication, and e-award certificate: Original Cost: $31 (USD), INR 2294 (Each Candidate) | Promotional Sponsored Cost: $13 (USD) INR 962 (Each Candidate)

Promotional Sponsored Cost is available for a limited time period.

Meaning of sponsorship: GLGBR will sponsor some of the amounts of the total cost for a limited time period. So, fill up your application form as soon as possible to get the sponsorship.

We developed this complete structure with our copyrights to add value to each and every women’s life equally with the same vision. It can not be different case by case. And yes, record acknowledgment certificates are not a selling structure, it is an effort base structure that deserves a reward from applying candidates to provide the global platform support and add value in their real passionate work.

Let’s plan to make a Global Record !

Get Recognized for Your Passion!

Example Certificate (Soft Copy Only)

Memento (Optional) only for India. Extra Cost: INR 3960/-

Fill up this application form

You will get the payment link with further details in your mail once your application will be approved.

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