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About Global Accreditation Association (GAA)

If you are a trainer, professional, entrepreneur, corporate or educational organization, GLOBAL ACCREDITATION ASSOCIATION (GAA) of GRACE LADIES GLOBAL ACADEMY USA´s international accreditation is specially designed for you to touch new heights in the global market. It represents you and your business’s commitment to providing quality service that is complete the global standards.

GAA´s accreditation process is straightforward, and you can get it within 5 days. You just need to fill out an application form and submit all required documents by email. Once GAA´s full accreditation is granted, it will enhance your Business profile on an International level. However, this is not the end; our expert team will be guiding you on a regular basis to improve your Business standards.

You can get it on Yearly Basis OR For 3 Years OR For 5 Years OR For Lifetime

For continuous growth, accreditation is essential for professionalism. Most clients and customers always prefer an accredited business or organization as they trust that it will offer a quality and valuable programs.

So, with the vision of improving and enhancing professionals and businesses, the GLOBAL ACCREDITATION ASSOCIATION grants global accreditation.

Full Accreditation includes:

GAA’s Accreditation Certificate and Badge:

Through GAA’s Accreditation, you will get a full Accreditation Certificate & Official Badge that you can use on various platforms like your website, official documents, social media posts, and marketing stuff. You can see all sample Accreditation Certificates and Badges above.

Continuous Support to Match the Global Standards:

GAA will provide you GLOBAL AWARDS and some free training to enhance your business’s global standards. In addition, we will appoint an officer on WhatsApp for you to support you with your queries.

Check out the benefits of GAA’s accreditation:

Global Recognition:

Each Global Accreditation Association’s accredited member will receive a recognition certificate to certify the accreditation. Any third party can check this status on our website or email us.


Global Accreditation Association will promote its accredited members through our website and social media. In addition, each female member will get a free Grace Ladies Global Club membership, so she can connect globally through our network.

Quality Control:

Global Accreditation Association does not provide only quality assurance; even also checks continuous quality monitoring. Therefore, we welcome suggestions and comments for further improvements.

Accreditation Costs:

For one year: $71 (INR 5,751)

For three years: $199 (INR 16,119)

For Five Years: $321 (INR 26,001)

For Lifetime: $451 (INR 36,531)

Apply for Global Accreditation

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