Global Excellence Awards 2022

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Global Excellence Awards USA 2022

Nominations are open from July to September 2022

Grace Ladies Global Excellence Awards USA 2022 is the initiative of Grace Ladies Global Academy USA. The motive of these awards is to provide a Global outreach and recognition to the Awardees for their passionate skills. These awards are open to individuals and Businesses both. Grace Ladies Brand has been globally recognized since 2009. We are effectively working on Women’s Empowerment, Women’s Self-Recognition and Women’s Self-Employment Globally. Through our Global Awards, “She is Global Awards” and “Global Excellence Awards,” every year, we provide many types of support and connections to women globally. It is an excellent opportunity to create a powerful impact on your success path. There is a robust selection procedure, and all nominees must cross it. Awards will be given to only selected nominees.

You can nominate an individual or a business. These are highly reputed global awards by “Grace Ladies Organization” in the following fields:
Social Work
Health & Fitness
Beauty & Personality
Art & Craft
Information & Media
Professional expertise
Writing & Blogging
Women Empowerment
Youth Empowerment


Globally Recognized.

Your name will be posted on our website.

You will receive an e-Award Certificate.

Free Grace Ladies Global Club Membership.

Connection globally with Grace Ladies Team.

There are future opportunities to apply for “Honorary Degrees” and “Grace Ladies Global Book of Records.”

Selection Procedure

Profile check

The first step is to fill up the nomination form.

Provide all details in the form correctly.

Your selection will depend on the details in your nomination form.

Once you are selected, our administration will send you further details by mail.

E-Award Certificate will be provided immediately after the approval. There is not any in-between process.

Example Certificate


Total cost with an e-award certificate and website post: $51(USD), INR 3,876/-

Total cost for Grace Ladies Global Club Members: $36 (USD), INR 2,736/-

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