Girl’s Career Conference 2022

Girl’s Career Conference 2022

Welcome to attend Girl’s Career Conference 2022

On 28th January 2022, Friday, at 8:00 PM India Time

Entry Cost: None

Any girl from any part of India can join the conference as a speaker

An online conference organized by Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing India, where only girls would be the main speaker and mentor will suggest the various paths to growth in their own passionate skills. It would be an open discussion with all the speaker girls. Immediate opportunities to create your global identity and to earn money on your own.

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Find your success model for 2022

This type of conference is organizing first time ever where girls can speak freely about their passion and interest and find out the real success model for them.

All attendees will get an e-certificate e-badge from Grace Ladies Singapore.

All attendees will get 2-5 minutes of time to speak.

All attendees can talk directly to the mentor after the conference also.

This conference has been done on 28th January 2022, so the registration form has been closed.

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