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images (11)Welcome to join Grace Ladies……..

One year membership fee:

Singapore:  S$120

India: INR 5000

USA: $100

To Join us please fill up the form:



Declaration by Grace Ladies Club Member:

I confirm that my personal information given to Grace Ladies in the application form is true and complete. I shall update any personal information immediately as and when it occurs. I fully agree to the terms and conditions of Grace Ladies and be the part of Grace Ladies Club only not the Grace Ladies Business.

As part of acceptance of the membership you are consciously accepting that Grace Ladies reserves all rights to cancel your membership without any prior notice in any of the event of unsatisfactory/unethical work attitude/performance, or due to any business conscious decisions which might affect reputation or financial condition of Grace Ladies.

NOTE: Grace Ladies Club is not the part of Grace Ladies Business. Grace Ladies Club members can be the part of Grace Ladies Business according to their interest and skills. Grace Ladies Club Membership is not the surety to be the part of Any Grace Ladies Business plans and activities. Grace Ladies club members will not get any earning opportunities within club, members can get earning opportunity only if they will involve in any Grace Ladies Business opportunity.

Please Note: once you fill up this online membership form, it is your declaration for us with all terms and condition.

For any further details please whatsapp at +65 96740041.

Benefits of Grace Ladies Club Membership:

  • Global Connection and networking.
  • Knowledge increment through monthly knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Recognition as Grace Ladies Global Member.
  • Free online learning sessions.
  • Making friends Globally.
  • Participation in various club activities.
  • Opportunities to participate in national/ International events.
  • Opportunities to get valuable certificates.
  • Opportunities to meet with well recognized trainers and peoples.
  • Opportunities to host the meetings to build your confidence.
  • Members can conduct their own free seminars, talks and session (online or offline) at Grace Ladies platform.
  • Grace Ladies members can be the part of Grace Ladies Business according to their own interest and skills.
  • Grace Ladies Members can propose activities, classes or seminars to Grace Ladies business.
  • Get support to start any new business.
  • Get support to grow any ongoing business.
  • Provide job opportunities time to time(within Grace Ladies business or in other organizations).
  • Free professional skill training and support to develop professional attitude.
  • Opportunities to participate in different events and activities as volunteer.