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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is the Legal value of Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing?

Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing, started in April 2021, is one of the parts of GLOSS “Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School”, which is running under “Anshuman Educational Welfare Society India, since 2015. This society is properly registered with the Indian Government under ACT 1860, and eligible to run any kind of educational institutes/ training courses/ skill programs, etc, in India. Registration number is UK06703092020004766.

Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School is ISO 9001-2015 International Quality Certified and officially collaborated with Grace Ladies Company Singapore (Reg Number: 53189309W) to provide global exposure.

Grace Ladies is a global brand since 2009 and it is well known for women empowerment and women self-employment platform globally.

What is the history and introduction of Grace Ladies Brand?

Grace Ladies Organization established in 2009 in Singapore with various cultural educational programs, courses and activities, reached to next level in 2015 with Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS) and Grace Ladies Global Academy in India. Grace Ladies is working globally, we started our journey with only 5 women in our circle and now reached 10,000+ women circle all over the world. We have been providing many Self-Employment Education, Online Events, and Honorary Degrees only to women in honor of their expert skills. We have already built the career of many women who have done our courses at Grace Ladies Self-Employment School. We have done 170+offline and online events and all events dealt with by women. We are providing space to women and girls to showcase themselves globally and to create their own identities.  We are sought-after by Community Centers Projects and major national events in Singapore. Grace Ladies is providing many skill workshops/ classes to people’s association Singapore (Government Branch) as a private operator. Grace Ladies has achieved 36 awards and developed a network in 15+ Countries.

Major parts of “Grace Ladies” 

Grace Ladies Global Club (Open for all women globally)

Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing (Only for girls)

Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS)

Grace Ladies Global Academy

Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

Grace Ladies Global Book of Records

Grace Ladies Online Events

Women Fundamental Rights Council

How I can join the wing?

To join the Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing, fill up the application form at this link:

To become the wing lead, you will get further information on mail after joining the Global wing.

What are the immediate benefits of the wing? OR What I will get immediately after joining the Wing?

  1. You will get title as “YOUNG INSPIRATIONAL LEADER” .
  2. You will get a joining certificate, Grace Ladies Badge, I am a global Girl Campaign Certificate, Social Media Poster 1 and Social Media poster 2.
  3. You would be eligible to be the wing lead of any wing as per your own interest under Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing.
  4. You would be eligible to apply for “Honorary Certificate” from Grace Ladies Global Academy in free of cost. Original cost is $27.
  5. You would be eligible to publish your write-up at Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary, in free of cost. Original cost is $10.
  6. You would be eligible to apply for any course of Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School in only $27. Promotional cost is $50 and original cost is $399.
  7. You would be eligible to join the $5 Miracle program in your own passionate skill and become the certified trainer with us for your own program.
  8. You can showcase you as a global girl in your all social media pages, which can give you a boost in your own network.
  9. You will connect globally through our all activities and social media network.

There are a lot of other benefits which is written on our Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing website page.

What is the meaning of Young Inspirational Leader of Wing?

Instead of saying as the only member of the wing, we created this tile “Young Inspirational Leader” for all wing members, so they can feel something new and exciting for them. Our motive is to provide a career boost to all girls and include them with us as a leader who can inspire others, so through this title girls can start their success journey with us.

What is the unique point of the wing?

For a girl, most of the time it is difficult to initiate her self-employed structure for her. Our unique point is to provide a pre-made platform for girls which they can use immediately to sharpen their passionate skills, to start their immediate earning in their passionate skills, to develop their clear mindset for the future, to get the required training, to create a strong profile and global exposure.

How Grace Ladies Global Girl’s wing is different than other girl’s empowerment organizations?

Yes, we are different than others. We are not focused only on poor and needy girls, our objective is to provide all possible future growth to all girls (from any family or from any background). We believe that every girl is capable to generate her own income and creating her own identity if she gets the right direction. We are different because we provide the immediate pre-made platform to girls for their growth, development, and self-earning.

How wing can support me to grow in my career?

  1. Once you will get our badge with “Young Inspirational Leader” title, you can show it in your resume/ profile OR on your social media, it will give you a boost in your professional career.
  2. You can receive many International certificates and awards from us, which can support you to grow fast in your career.
  3. If you will become “Wing Lead” or any “Ambassador”, it will reach you in next level of your growth.
  4. You will get many new learning and global knowledge at this platform; it can support you also in your career growth.
  5. You can get your honorary certificate in free of cost from Grace Ladies Global Academy, which can boost you in your passionate skill.
  6. You can join $5 miracle program in free of cost, and become the trainer of that program; it can give you your first platform for earning without investing anything.
  7. You will receive “I am a Global Girl” Campaign certificate from Singapore, which can support you to present yourself as on International platform.

What are the free available things for me in the wing?

Honorary Certificate from Grace Ladies Global Academy.

Free write-up publication on Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary.

Free “I am a global Girl” Campaign Certificate from Singapore.

Free $5 miracle program training with trainer certificate.

Free monthly virtual meetings with lots of new learning and knowledge.

Invitation to join the global events of Grace Ladies without any payment.

We are sure, you would be satisfy with the answers and join the wing to touch the new hights!

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