GL Club

Grace Ladies Group is a great place for networking opportunities, socialization and interaction for ladies. In this group we can share our knowledge, thoughts and visions with each other. As the group of women gets together and different issues come up, one member or other may have either an opportunity or referral that is just what you are looking for. One of the most wonderful thing about a Grace Ladies group is each women tends to get something out of it they may be missing.

Benefits of Grace ladies Group

Social Network


Knowledge sharing

Skill development

Build confidence

Help in trouble

Business Ideas

New business opportunities

Business spread

Be a part of Grace Ladies business

 Article writing on Ladies lifestyle

Good Thoughts

About kids

About family

About personnel health issues

 About women’s lifestyle

Events & Exhibitions

Celebrating festivals together

Exhibition opportunities

Event organization

Fun and entertainment

Latest Updates & Happenings

Coming up events updates on Grace Ladies website

All updates on social sites

All updates through email

Participation and discussion in Grace Ladies blog and website

Events Tickets benefits

GL can provide Singapore’s event tickets

Celebrates function tickets with discount

Opportunities for National level events

Performance opportunity on cc events for members and their kids.

(Like, dance, singing, kids coloring, rangoli, cooking etc…)

Performance opportunity on national level events.

Strategies of Grace Ladies Group:

Two hour meeting once in a month (Saturday or Sunday) at Grace Ladies Office Meeting room.

In first one hour we share our knowledge thoughts on a particular discussion topic. Like:
Time management
Internet Knowledge
Computer Knowledge
Personal and social life balancing

In next twenty minutes we share world news updates(Any type of news: in term of India, Singapore or any other countries, news about property rates, news about kids, news about business, news about trading etc).

Next twenty minutes for enjoyment activities like singing, dancing, antachshari or some other enjoyment games.

Last twenty minutes for interaction and refreshment.

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