Indian Classical

images (31)Classical Dance Syllabus:

Our sessions start with introductory classes till fast track learning classes and fast track classes depends upon the grasping power of individual.

As per our experience and standard practice and considering average grasping power of individual the total minimum sessions require making candidate on speed are 20.

These sessions are divided according to initial steps covering till synchronization and syllabus for 20 sessions is divided in following four parts, the sessions have been divided with consideration that candidate must do the good practice after each sessions and able to capture on average pace, in case of slow picking due to any reason the classes may need to exceed based on perfection expected by individual.

  • First 5 classes we start to teach about the feet movements.
  • In next 5 classes we teach the hand movements along with the feet.
  • In Next 5 classes we teach about the hand and feet synchronization.
  • And, in last 5 classes we teach about the meaning, importance and prayers related with your dance movements.

Locations: Potong Pasir

Timing: Potong Pasir : 4:00-7:00 PM (only on Saturdays)

Fee Structure:  At GL Studios (Potong Pasir)

For adult per session: S$15
For kids per session: S$12

Fee Structure: (Home Service for an individual student)

For adult per session: S$18
For kids per session: S$20

Fee Structure: (Service for 4 or more students in same area)

For adult per session: S$15
For kids per session: S$17

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