Health & Wellness Online Workshop

Online health and wellness training and consultancy by Dr. Snehal Sagane

To take the appointment and to attend online training contact at +65 96740041.


  • Master of Medicine, M.D Homeopathy, Mumbai (India)
  • C.G.O – Obstetrics & Gynecology, Maharashtra Medical Foundation (India)
  • Certified Stress Management Professional from ISMA, ( Australia)                                                  (International Stress Management  Association ).

Dr. Snehal is Consultant and holds a Post Graduate degree in Homeopathy from Mumbai – India. She has over a decade of experience in consulting her patients. She is specialized in treating Allergies, Asthma, Pediatric Cases, Female issues, Addictions and in up scaling their wellness with Homeopathic treatment.

She was owner of her established Homeopathic Clinic at Bangalore, India practicing for 6 years before moving to Singapore.

Dr. Snehal continues her practice as a Honorary Consultant at charitable clinics in Singapore to promote Homeopathy.

Presently she is pursuing her Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from International Academy in Classical Homeopathy (IACH) GREECE.

Dr. Snehal’s rich experience also involves working with renowned HOMEOPATHS, treating chronic diseases of unprivileged patients in rural areas of Mumbai exploring the rare side of Homeopathy practice.

She was guest lecturer for undergraduates in Homeopathy teaching young graduates and sharing her experience.

To enrich her clients with emotional health, Dr. Snehal is also a certified Stress Management Professional from ISMA Australia. She conducts stress management session for her clients.

Dr Snehal conducts Wellness Workshops for her clients to identify the areas of Stress and help them with different Stress Management Techniques like:-

  • Stress Audit
  • Stress Screening
  • Diet counseling of the clients

Form to get an appointment:



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