Business from Home

Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School is providing online professional training of “BUSINESS FROM HOME” with a wide range of global business skills and various advance tools. This special training is designed with plenty of advance learning, which anyone can use with their other responsibilities and start their own business from home with very less initial investment. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We are sure, that after this training you will be able to initiate your own business with confidence.

Business from Home

  • Course Code: GL-BH
  • Location: Online sessions
  • Duration: 7 Sessions (one and half hours each session)
  • Timing: flexible
  • Exam Included: No
  • Cost: $155.00
  • Qualification: All modern browsers and devices
  • Compatibility: All major devices and browsers
  • Certificate included: Yes
  • Start Date: Start any time
  • Community: Students / Entrepreneurs / Employees / Housewives

Key Features

  • Mobile & computer -friendly
  • Audio- Video -enabled
  • Badge and credit-awarding
  • Fully accessible online modules with trainer
  • International Experienced trainer
  • Home-Business set-up tools learning
  • Informative and advance content
  • Direct approach to trainer
  • Goal setting-progress tracking tools
  • Home-Business environment installation
  • Unlimited valuable support

Course Description

This course is designed to deliver proven techniques that work in the real world, not just in the training room. During the course, you will gain the tools and techniques to build self-esteem and handle business with confidence. In this course, we will allow you to understand your passion and generate profit through your passionate work. You will learn a number of real-world exercises to build your confidence to start any business.
Business is not only about making money even more about making a difference and transforming the world. In this course, you will reset your brain and develop a positive growth mindset as well as learn how to do business effectively from home.

Course Structure

Business from home start-up steps

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship from home
  • Types of Opportunities and various ways to enter in market
  • How to know about your passion and ideas and convert it into profitable business

Basics and planning to start a business from home

  • Business Leadership
  • Business law and ethics
  • Dealing of business resources
  • Discussion on Business growth ideas and Innovation
  • Create the success road map of next 5 years

Create a home business plan

  • Financial readiness to hit the home based business through hands-on experiences
  • How to build a strong business project with effective business tools

Financial Road Map

  • Learn how to analyze the financial value of a start-up idea
  • Successfully pitch the idea and once established, navigate the financial plan

Market the business from home

  • Learn how to brainstorm new business ideas with exciting business
  • Create integrated sales and marketing programs with traditional, digital and guerrilla techniques

Design a growth map

  • How to know when you are ready to go for the next level?
  • How to do it with a proper plan?
  • How to deal with your business for long term

Professional and organizational effectiveness in business from home

  • Your communication effects on home business
  • The communication model for better business
  • How to avoid mistakes in business from home
  • Organizational Communication tools
  • Leadership Communication
  • Gaps in effective speaking
  • preparation of online set-up for your business from home

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“I really enjoyed the “Business from home” online course. I certainly would recommend this course to total beginners and to people like myself who want to start their own business from home.”
Priya Singh. (USA)

“The course was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better grounding in home based business set-up and digital marketing tools to grow my business from home.”
Sudha Rai India.

“It was an awesome experience to complete my “Business from Home”. I am excited to start my business and to apply all tools in my business which I learnt in this training. It is a perfect online training to learn about business from home.”
Nancy UK.