GL Art & Craft

At the children’s Art Room, art classes are always Fun and Creative. Every lesson is different with the children always looking forward to coming for the lessons. Even the parents are eager to see what the child has created for that day.

We have hundreds of easy to make art & craft with simple step by step online class modules. Kids can easily follow the all steps. These are simple and easy crafts with beautiful outcomes to engage your kids with lots of excitement and fun.

Our motive is to make crafting fun and new learning – with supplies most households already have at hand (or won’t cost you a fortune).

What ages are these crafts suitable for?

We have art series and craft series for all age ranges, you will find many easy projects toddlers can make, crafts simple enough for preschoolers to do at home or in preschool, kids in kindergarten will be able to make most of our crafting projects and there is a ton of projects for older kids and kids of all age.

Location: Online Google Classroom

Classes are conducted in small group sizes with the online classroom

Total session: 4 (one and a half hour each)

Cost per session: S$30 (per session)

Course completion certificate will be provided to the student 

(not more than 8) in one online class

Children  learn a variety of different art forms :

1) To draw paint animals, people, landscape and still life realistically

2) Use of a wide variety of different art mediums :

  a) oil and chalk pastels

  b) color pencils

  c) poster and acrylic paints

  d) charcoal and pencil shading

3) Learn about color value,
picture composition, perspective, proportions, designs, and patterns

4) Study the life and works of Famous Artists and their art styles

6) Interesting and fun projects :
Illustrating for a Book, 3D forest,  Egg painting, Animals using Straws, and dye art, etc 


Blue Yellow Brush Strokes Certificate of Completion


You will receive further details on mail after completing this registration

Some photos of our offline and online classes:

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