An International Business Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach

Founder & Owner of Grace Ladies Organization Singapore / India / USA

President of Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS)


President of Grace Ladies Global Book of Records

President of Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing

President of Grace Ladies Global Club

Founder & Owner of Professional Skill Development Hub Asia (PSD-HUB) Singapore/ India

President of Anshuman Educational Welfare Society, India

Vice- Chairperson NRI Wing of NCWDC National Child and Women Development Council India

Trainer at Skill and Lifestyle of People’s Association Singapore

Life Time Member of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development ( NFED) India 

Certified Human Rights Consultant 

Certified Associate NLP Coach

Certified Associate Practitioner of NLP

Certified Associate Trainer 

Expert of “GOAL” Global Online Advanced Learning”

Money and You Certified from the USA

Global Entrepreneur

International Professional Speaker

Globally working on Women Empowerment and Women’s Self-Employment

Author of “SHE IS GLOBAL” book.

Indian Citizen | Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)

Living in the United States of America

Email ids: |


Academic Background

  • Master’s degree in Science (Botany) with specialization in Plant Pathology
  • Graduate in Science
  • Graduate in Education
  • Diploma in Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing 
  • Certification in “Imagery in Action” from ESRI USA.
  • Honorary Doctorate from Abide University Canada
  • Honorary Doctorate in Humanity from Prixton Church & University USA.
  • Honorary Professor from International Ambassador Academy for Peace, Culture, and Development Egypt
  • Royal Doctorate in Culture & Art from Political Talents Institution.
  • Certification in Life coaching from UK
  • Certification in Human Rights Education Training from USIDHR USA.
  • Certification in “Business Enterprises and Export Management” 
  • Certification in “Early Childhood Care and Education” 
  • Certification in “Facilitation Skills for Leaders” 
  • Money and You Graduate from USA
  • Certification in Business Consulting from USIDHR USA.
  • Certification in Economics and International Business from International Business Management Institute Berlin Germany.

Work Experience

H.C. Dr. Sona Pandey is an International Life Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, and Personality Coach. She is passionate to guide business owners, professionals, students, and parents. Supporting them to go for elite performance status in the real world. Clients see positive results in overcoming anxiety and worry, learning to create a successful path in their life, nurture them from the inside out. 

She is having a strong and broad background in Research in Environmental Science along with a great passion for business education and building a network in the community.

She worked as a Research Fellow (2003-2005) on the Global Climate Change project of ISRO at GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development India.

She dedicated the last 12+ years to providing professional training, coaching, and mentoring.

She started her entrepreneurship journey in 2009 with “GRACE LADIES”, a company of its own type in Singapore and India handled by only Ladies and works in various fields that are focused to provide cultural Services/ Activities/ Education and Global Networking. She pioneered the concept of “Excellence of Beauty”. She made a platform to convert passion and hobbies into profit and initiated Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS) and Grace Ladies Global Academy. Grace Ladies has 10000+ women networks all over the world. Grace Ladies Global Club and Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing are running under Grace Ladies Globally and supporting women/ girls all over the world.

In 2014 she originated another company named PROFESSIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT HUB (PSD-HUB) in INDIA and SINGAPORE, which stands for professionalism, leading the way with bold new concepts and constantly providing online professional training, workshops, and courses with international level curriculum and exposure. Visit PSD-HUB at

She planned many business operational mandates and policies, starting with defining customers and markets. She Developed organizational change management strategies and established various professional training programs for colleges and corporate. She developed a clear mission, vision, and culture for many companies and their employees. 

She believes success starts from your mind, and to control the mind learning is important, there is no end to learning and continuous learning is only the way to get success in life.

She is empowering many women through regular online meetings, and training/programs and encouraging them to become more confident and independent.

She has Global Professional Network in USA, UK, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Congo, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. She was a Grassroots Leader in Singapore from 2011 to 2018.

She designed a Self-Employment Learning platform “Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS)” and structured all quality courses to provide self-employment training to women globally.

She mentored 5000+ youths in their career and 1500+ women for business startups, personality, stage performances, fashion, cultural activities, and makeovers.

10000+ women are in her network within Singapore and globally through her company’s Grace Ladies Global Club Network.

She developed a clear mission, vision, and culture for company employees and corporates.

She created and conducted next-level entrepreneurship training programs, workshops, and seminars for business people.

She established and provided various online International professional training programs for colleges and corporate.

She has conducted many stage fashion shows, stage dance performances, and professional modeling shows in Singapore and trained many performers for stage presence. She is providing online training for modeling and grooming, event management, personality, and make-up.

“SHE IS GLOBAL” and “WALK OF CONFIDENCE” is her signature programs for every year’s INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY CELEBRATION.

She is continuously Providing Entrepreneurship education and opportunities to many youths and women.

She designed International professional courses like PSC (Professional Speaking Course), PDP (Professional Development Program), IPT (Interview Preparation Training), BST (Business Skill Training), and PPST (Professional Presentation Skill Training), Modelling & Grooming Course.

She is Invited by IT & Technical colleges, ITI, and Universities in India to conduct her professional development workshops and seminars, online and offline.

She is acknowledged as one of the best motivational and professional coach by her students and clients.

Sona is mentored by Prof S P Singh (India), T. Harv Eker (Canada), Mac Attram (London, UK), Dame DC Cordova (USA), and Dr. Azeeza Jalaludeen (Singapore).



  • Global Women Summit Leadership Award 2011 by Women Information Network USA.
  • Wellness Ambassador Award 2012 from Ayu Herba Singapore.
  • A Grassroots Leader in Singapore from 2011 to 2018.
  • Appreciation Awards to provide support in Singapore’s National Events (Chingay / National Day Parade) from the People’s Association Government branch in Singapore.
  • Certified Enterprise awarded to her company by Enterprises Development Hub, Singapore.
  • A Private Operator with the People’s Association (PA) Government Branch Singapore since 2013.
  • Appreciation Award 2014 from Collaborate India, as an inspiring speaker on Entrepreneurship at Chennai India.
  • Motivational speaker Award 2015 on women entrepreneurship from TECC Singapore.
  • Achieved “ASIA TOP BUSINESS AWARD 2016” from International Business Federation.
  • Co-author of “SHINING RED DOT” Book.
  • Appreciation Certificate in recognition of valuable contribution to Tampines Central Exchange Cultural Night Stage Performance.
  • Appreciation award to support in Multi-Cultural Deepawali Event in Geylang East Grove RC & Sri Sivan Temple.
  • Appreciation Certificate to coach Ladies team in Chingay Parade Performance in Singapore.
  • Appreciation Certificate to Grace Ladies in contribution towards Tampines East Navarang Holi Festival Stage Performance.
  •  1st  award trophy in Rangoli Competition at Cultural Mela Potong Pasir.
  • Appreciation Certificate in recognition to contribute towards Singapore National Day Parade with the Grace Ladies team.
  • Appreciation Certificate in recognition to participate in Mid-Autumn Fiesta at Tampines Singapore.
  • Achieved international award “2017 PEACEMAKER AWARD” from Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative USA.
  • Achieved Young Woman Social Entrepreneur Award 2018 from National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development India.
  • Received Life Time Membership of the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development India in 2019.
  • Received Recognition for Outstanding Value Creation in Transforming Lives for 2020, from GoGlobal Business School Singapore.
  • Honored as YOUNG WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2020 for remarkable contribution to Entrepreneurship Development and Women Empowerment, from National Foundation For Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) India.
  • Her research article “NEW MINDSET OF ENTREPRENEURS TO CREATE A NEW BUSINESS WORLD” has been published in 2020 in Holistic Research Perspectives Vol 5.  The link for the book chapter is:
  • Attended the Entrepreneurship Development Program 2020 on Agribusiness for Women of Disaster Affected Areas of Uttar Pradesh conducted by The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD) (Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India).
  • Honored as a Guest of Honor and to receive DISTINGUISHED WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2021 for remarkable contribution to Women Empowerment and Skill Development, from National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) India.
  • Honored with “Social Icon Award 2022” from National Child and Women Development Council India.
  • Her “Grace Ladies” company Singapore received the “SINGAPORE BUSINESS AWARD 2022” as “MOST EMPOWERING WOMEN’S SELF-EMPLOYMENT EDUCATION ORGANIZATION 2022” from APAC Insider England the United Kingdom.
  • Received Social Icon Award 2022 by National Child and Women Development Council (NCWDC) India.
  • Honored by Golden Humanitarian Award 2022 by National Human Rights & Anti Corruption Force India.
  • Her Grace Ladies Organization received South East USA Prestige Award 2022.
  • Her “Grace Ladies Global Academy” has been awarded as “MOST EMPOWERING WOMEN’S SELF-EMPLOYMENT EDUCATION ORGANIZATION 2022” from LuxLife Organization USA.

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