Grace Ladies is a unique platform for women’s empowerment, women’s self-recognition, , women’s self-Employment education, cultural events (offline & online), and cultural education with the well-organized global club and many online/ offline global activities.

Our mission is to provide Self-Employment Advanced Learning, Women’s Empowerment Activities/ Programs, Global Recognition of Women, and valuable Non-Academic Passionate Skills Certificates/ Degrees to women.

About Grace Ladies

Grace Ladies Organization is located in the USA, Singapore, and India. It was established in 2009 in Singapore with various cultural, educational programs, courses, and activities that reached to next level with Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS) and Grace Ladies Global Academy in the USA, Singapore, and India, and continues with new heights as Grace Ladies Global Club on the International level. Grace Ladies is working globally; we started our journey with only 5 women in our circle and now reached 10,000+ women’s networks worldwide. We provide various cultural education, Self-Employment Education, Online/ offline Events, and Honorary Degrees to women in honor of their expert skills. We have already built the career of many women who have done our courses at Grace Ladies Self-Employment School. We have done 170+offline and online events, and all events dealt with women. We provide space for women and girls to showcase themselves globally and create their identities.  We are sought-after by Community Centers Projects and significant national events in Singapore. Grace Ladies provides many skill workshops/ classes to people’s association Singapore (Government Branch) as a private operator. Grace Ladies has achieved many awards and developed a vast network in 15+ Countries.

Major parts of “Grace Ladies” 

Grace Ladies Global Club 

Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing

Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS)

Grace Ladies Global Academy

Grace Ladies Random Thoughts Diary

Grace Ladies Global Book of Records (Only for Women)

Grace Ladies Online Events

“Come Together and Grow Together”

Make your identity as a Graceful and Confident woman with “Grace Ladies.”

Official video from one of our ambassador

Some photos of Grace Ladies:

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Madhura says:

    I read the post regarding participation in Chinmay on Facebook . I would be interested. Would like to know details.
    Thank you!

  2. Pradeepa Murugaiah says:

    Hai, I’m pradeepa from trichy, Tamilnadu, I’m interested in the forum, I’m a language trainer working from home, I also handle handwriting sessions for children, please let me know how to register with you

  3. Poonam Rathore says:

    I wish to join this forum..please share the details about procedure.


    1. Please fill up the registration form for Grace Ladies Global Club Membership. https://thegraceladies.com/gl-group/

  4. Hi… I’m suvarna pagar…. Mai social worker leader Hu….. Mai bhot sare program bhi arrange krti hu….. So please I’m interested

    1. Please fill up the registration form for Grace Ladies Global Club Membership. https://thegraceladies.com/gl-group/

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