A Complete Holistic Family Hub providing all Cultural Education, Services and Activities in one platform.

Providing all kind of Family & Social activities for corporate functions, families, students, Communities’ Center, event organizers.
Through GL Club we provide social and business networking and knowledge sharing for women in Singapore & Globally.

About Grace Ladies

GL established in 2011 & it’s a PA Certified Company . We have been providing all cultural Education, Services & Activities at all levels in Singapore. We are a sought after by Community Centers Projects and major national events.

Parts of “Grace Ladies”

Grace Ladies Club (Group)

Grace Ladies Business

Grace Ladies Club (Group)

Women love to come together and share. Whether it’s our hopes and dreams, our goals for the future, our creative ideas, our daily ups and downs or our most personal secrets, sharing makes us all feel connected. And being connected helps us to navigate through our personal journeys without going it alone.

Our lives are greatly enhanced by the women we surround ourselves with. They “get” us, they understand intuitively, they know how we feel and how to really listen, they want to help, they want to grow, they want to brainstorm and learn.

So, “Grace Ladies” is all about bringing wonderful women with great ideas and forward-thinking thoughts together where we can share information and gather together to enhance our lives. Having a support group of other women as different and unique as you can be a powerful catalyst for change. We encourage women of all ages and all communities to share their thoughts with others here, to learn and to grow. Each one of us has something to offer to others.

In an environment geared towards new ideas and with an attitude that is open and excited to embrace the possibility for personal growth, ideas can be fostered and shared between us all. Let’s begin to make positive changes in our lives and in those of the ones we love. The possibilities are endless.

And we want your input! This has started out as Our Community and we hope it will grow to be Your Community too!

Grace Ladies Business

  • Cultural Activities
    • Festival Celebrations
    • Corporate Activities planning
    • Functions & Party arrangements
  • Creative Workshops
    • Holidays Programs
    • Kid’s & adults Dancing Workshops
    • Art & Craft Workshops
    • Handicraft Workshops for Adults
    • Heena Art Workshops
    • Rangoli Workshops
    • Painting Workshops
  • Cultural Education
    • Dance sessions (Modern & Cultural)
    • Singing sessions
    • Music sessions
    • Art & Craft sessions
  • Others
    • Parenting talks
    • Article writing
    • Creative Meet Ups
    • Sales of products

“Come Together and Grow Together”

Make your identity as a Graceful and Confident Lady with “Grace Ladies”


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