Grace Ladies is a unique platform of women empowerment with the well organized global club and many online/ offline business activities.

Grace Ladies Company provides various online and offline Cultural Education, Services and Activities to schools, colleges, corporate, event organizers and government.

Providing online and offline cultural education and organize activities for corporates, families, students, Communities’ Center and event organizers.
Grace Ladies Global Club provides a social/ business global network and empower women by providing many opportunities.

About Grace Ladies

Grace Ladies established in 2009 with various cultural educational programs, courses and  activities. We have been providing all cultural Education, Services & Activities at all levels. We are a sought after by Community Centers Projects and major national events.

Major two parts of “Grace Ladies” Company

Grace Ladies Global Club (Open for all women globally)

Grace Ladies Business (Only for selected ladies)

Grace Ladies Global Club 


GL Global Club

Women love to come together and share. Whether it’s our hopes and dreams, our goals for the future, our creative ideas, our daily ups and downs or our most personal secrets, sharing makes us all feel connected. And being connected helps us to navigate through our personal journeys without going it alone.

Our lives are greatly enhanced by the women we surround ourselves with. They “get” us, they understand intuitively, they know how we feel and how to really listen, they want to help, they want to grow, they want to brainstorm and learn.

So, “Grace Ladies” is all about bringing wonderful women with great ideas and forward-thinking thoughts together where we can share information and gather together to enhance our lives. Having a support group of other women as different and unique as you can be a powerful catalyst for change. We encourage women of all ages and all communities to share their thoughts with others here, to learn and to grow. Each one of us has something to offer to others.

In an environment geared towards new ideas and with an attitude that is open and excited to embrace the possibility for personal growth, ideas can be fostered and shared between us all. Let’s begin to make positive changes in our lives and in those of the ones we love. The possibilities are endless.

And we want your input! This has started out as Our Community and we hope it will grow to be Your Community too!

We have a network of women globally (Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Australia, Landon, and the USA).

Grace Ladies Global Club membership is open for all women to create a broad women network.

NOTE: Grace Ladies Global Club is not part of Grace Ladies Business. Grace Ladies Global Club members can be part of Grace Ladies Business according to their interest and skills. Grace Ladies Global Club Membership is not the surety to be the part of Any Grace Ladies Business plans and activities. Grace Ladies Global club members will not get any earning opportunities within club, members can get earning opportunity only if they will involve in any Grace Ladies Business opportunity.

Benefits of Grace Ladies Global Club Membership:

  • Recognition as Grace Ladies Global Club Member.

  • Global Connection and networking.

  • Knowledge increments through online knowledge sharing sessions.

  • Free online learning sessions.

  • Making friends Globally.

  • Participation in various online and offline club activities.

  • Opportunities to participate in national/ international online & offline events.

  • Opportunities to get valuable certificates.

  • Opportunities to meet with well-recognized business owners, Coaches, and famous personalities.

  • Opportunities to host online meetings to build your confidence.

  • Members can conduct their own seminars, talks, and session (online or offline) at the Grace Ladies platform.

  • Grace Ladies members can be the part of Grace Ladies Business according to their own interests and skills.

  • Grace Ladies Members can propose activities, classes, or seminars to Grace Ladies business.

  • Get support to start any new business.

  • Get support to grow any ongoing business.

  • Provide job opportunities from time to time(within Grace Ladies business or in other organizations).

  • Offered professional skill training and support to develop a professional attitude.

  • Grace Ladies Global Club is full with lots of earning opportunities for women.

  • Provide the complete learning of work from home and earn money by using your own skills.

  • Access the private members community and connect with all network of Grace Ladies global club. 

  • Exclusive invitations to attend Grace Ladies Global Events.

Grace Ladies Business


Career with Grace Ladies

Grace Ladies Business is providing various types of cultural education and event management service to many clients, customers, community centers and corporates since 2009. We are specialized in a wide range of businesses with high quality and management. Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS), under “Anshuman Educational Welfare Society” India and with the collaboration of Grace Ladies organization Singapore established in 2015 with proper well-designed self-employment education system completely online for only girls and women. Through GLOSS we are doing worldwide work on women empowerment and providing opportunities to women to establish their own passionate self-employed structure. 

“Come Together and Grow Together”

Make your identity as a Graceful and Confident Lady with “Grace Ladies”

Some photos of Grace Ladies:

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  1. Madhura says:

    I read the post regarding participation in Chinmay on Facebook . I would be interested. Would like to know details.
    Thank you!

  2. Pradeepa Murugaiah says:

    Hai, I’m pradeepa from trichy, Tamilnadu, I’m interested in the forum, I’m a language trainer working from home, I also handle handwriting sessions for children, please let me know how to register with you

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