Professional Expertise Certification

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We are sure you want successful results, and you want to get them as quickly as possible. The [PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE CERTIFICATE] is definitely a great solution.

Grace Ladies Global Academy, a Business College in the USA, provides this non-academic certification in passionate skills to people worldwide. Professional Expertise Certificate is one of the highly reputed certifications to add International value to your own passionate skill. It can give you a high professional identity and encouragement in your passionate work.

Sample Certificate:

Minimum Experience: 6 Months

No course included | Direct Certification on the basis of experience and expertise

Soft Copy Only

Cost: $47 (INR 3760/-)

List of Expertise:

Professional Expertise in

  • Social Work
  • Advanced IT Practices
  • Health Sports
  • Child Psychology Advisory
  • Science & Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  • e-Sports Coaching
  • e-Sports Management
  • Advanced Journalism
  • Global Digital Knowledge
  • Global Influence
  • Home Gardening
  • Community Fitness & Health
  • Flavored Cooking
  • Party and Event Planning
  • Lifestyle Learning & Support
  • Entrepreneurship Knowledge
  • Web Acting
  • Bollywood Dance Forms
  • Online Inspirational-Gaming
  • Online Inspirational & Informational Videos
  • Emotional Handling
  • Menstruation Hygiene Guidelines
  • Animal Rights Activism
  • Braille Handwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Astrology Guidance
  • Peace & Meditation
  • Life Coaching
  • 3D Digital Art & Design
  • 2D Animation & Techniques
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Game Art & Design
  • Fashion Image Trends
  • Make-up Art & Grooming
  • Modelling & Stage Presence
  • Art & Craft
  • Painting Skills
  • Embroidery Design & Art
  • Craft Skills
  • Home Décor Art
  • Terrarium Making
  • Women Empowerment & Inspiration
  • Cultural Education
  • Women’s Health & Fitness

How to apply:

1: Fill up the application form.

2: You will get a mail with further information and payment details.

3: You need to provide all required documents and payment.

4: Your application will go through the review process.

5: You will receive a soft copy of the certificate by email.


Grace Ladies Global Academy is a Business College* registered in the United States of America (USA), authorized and appreciated by the American Merit Council New Jersey USA, registered with the United Nations, ISO 9001-2015 certified, and collaborated with Government registered, Anshuman Educational Welfare Society (established in 2015) in India and associated with Grace Ladies Organization Singapore.

*not offering academic degrees

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