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About us

Grace Ladies Global Academy is a Business college* in the United States of America (USA) to provide Self-Employment Online Courses, Global Recognition/ Accreditation to experts, and valuable Non-Academic Passionate Skills Certificates/ Honorary Degrees to women.

Honorary certificates and degrees are for those women and people who are working on various non-academic skills and talents as per their real-life experiences in their passionate skills. It is a unique kind of Academy in the world, which is completely dedicated to providing valuable International skill education, certificates, and honorary degrees to everyone and supporting them to create their own identities. The best of the Academy is high-quality international standards and well-recognized non-academic courses, honorary certificates, degrees, and awards for girls and women at the most reasonable cost. Collaborated with international associations and bodies. We are associated with Grace Ladies organization Singapore and Professional Skill Development Hub PSD-HUB Asia Educational Institute to promote our publications, interests and advance International Honorary skill certificates and degrees in the world.

*not offering academic degrees

We developed this complete structure with our copyrights to add value to each and every women’s life equally with the same vision. It can not be different case by case. And yes, honorary degrees/ masters/ certificates are not a selling structure, it is an effort base structure that deserves a reward from applying candidates to provide them support and add value to their real passionate work.

Note: This is the legal copyright registered structure of Grace Ladies Global Academy. Legal action can be taken in case of copying any of our content OR structure OR honorary streams in any country or region. © Grace Ladies Global Academy 2022-2023.

What is an honorary degree certificate?

An honorary degree is given to a person as an honor rather than through the completion of academic requirements.

They are mostly given to those who have made significant contributions to a specific field with their own passionate skills or as a ‘Thank You’ to those who have made an enormous impact on the community through their excellent work in a particular field.

An honorary Master’s and Doctorate (can be Academic or Non-academic) acknowledge that the recipient deserves to be recognized for their unique abilities and contributions due to life’s learning and experiences. It is nowhere connected nor showcased the academic education or qualification. An honorary degree is just for the sake of recognition or honor to a particular person with a particular skill and expertise.

An honorary degree is often awarded in recognition of one’s life experiences. It is denoted by the letters “h.c.”, which is an abbreviation for “honoris causa” (Latin “for the sake of honor”), like h.c.Dr. or Dr.h.c., h.c.Masters. This means that the degree is bestowed as an honor rather than through the completion of certain academic requirements. Those who are honored with this title often do not have any prior connection to the award-giving institution.

Benefits of Professional Certificates and Honorary Degrees from Grace Ladies Global Academy

Why should you apply?

  • Honor your real talent and skill.
  • Recognition to the recipient.
  • Support to build your confidence.
  • Support to create your own identity.
  • Connect with the global platform of Grace Ladies.
  • Grace Ladies Global Club membership is free of cost.
  • Great discount for all honorees if they join any Grace ladies Online Self-Employment School GLOSS course.
  • Free e-books.
  • Publication opportunity. (Your one paper in your passionate skill/work is compulsory to publish at Grace Ladies Website, guidelines will be provided).
  • Global recognition.
  • Add value to your work and business.
  • Support to increase the value of your business.
  • A well-recognized honorary certificate will be provided.
  • Special invitations to all recipients in our global event.
  • Recognition as Grace Ladies Global Academy Alumni.
  • A professional poster and badge will be provided, which you can post on all social media to gain attraction from your friends and viewers.


The Grace Ladies Global Academy System confers Honorary Degrees (non-academic) and Professional Certificates. It constitutes recognition of distinctive achievement that has added materially to knowledge and to the betterment of society.

At Grace Ladies Global Academy, to be considered for an honorary certificate/ degree, there are specific criteria that individuals must meet, and there are a variety of certificates/ degrees that they may be awarded.

Recipients of Professional Certificates and Honorary Degrees do not earn through academic achievements; rather they receive these awards based on generous and altruistic actions or lifetime accomplishments that benefit a community, nation, or humanity in general. Each organization that confers honorary certificates/ degrees establishes its own criteria for acceptance.

Recipients may receive more than one honorary certificate or degree, but not in the same stream. A candidate does not necessarily complete any academic education in the area or field in which she is applying for an honorary certificate or degree. Honorary certificates/ degrees are presented to candidates on the basis of their real-time / life experience and contribution through their passionate skills. Beneficiaries of the prized degree may use the title of ‘Doctor’ with “h.c.” which is an abbreviation for “honoris causa” (Latin for “for the sake of the honor”).

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Grace Ladies Global Academy is a Business College* registered in the United States of America (USA), authorized and appreciated by the American Merit Council New Jersey USA, registered with the United Nations, ISO 9001-2015 certified, and collaborated with Government registered, Anshuman Educational Welfare Society (established in 2015) in India and associated with Grace Ladies Organization Singapore.

*not offering academic degrees

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© Grace Ladies Global Academy 2022-2023

Note: This is the legal copyright registered structure of Grace Ladies Global Academy. Legal action can be taken in case of copying any of our content OR structure OR honorary streams at any country or region. © Grace Ladies Global Academy.


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