Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing

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Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing

Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing is an initiative of

GRACE LADIES ONLINE SELF-EMPLOYMENT SCHOOL (GLOSS), established in 2015 under Anshuman Educational welfare Society.

It is working with the collaboration of GRACE LADIES ORGANIZATION SINGAPORE (2009) and GRACE LADIES TEAM USA (2018).


Ms. Preeti Prajapati is officially appointed as our first NATIONAL AMBASSADOR of Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing, India

Youth Social Activist, Empowering Girls.

Global Presenter of “MINUTES FOR GIRLS” live show of Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing.

Received “GLOBAL YOUTH ICON AWARD 2021” from Grace Ladies Organization Singapore.

Former Vice-President of Chandrawati Girls Degree College, Kashipur Uttrakhand.

Attended so many social seminars as a speaker and shared about Girl’s Education.

Her vision is that girls should be educated for their successful future.

Encouraging society for girl’s education and spreading awareness about it.

Once you will join us, you will become our “YOUNG INSPIRATIONAL LEAD” as an active member of wing and enter into our GREAT CAREER START PROGRAM.

You can achieve any of these positions according to your interest and efforts and you can start your immediate earning and many other benefits.


She will lead and connect with all City Ambassador. Complete details and benefits will be provided on mail after filling up the form.


She will lead and connect with all Wing Leads. Complete details and benefits will be provided on mail after filling up the form.

(In each city 5 wings with different objectives)

Wing Leads will be called as…

Wing Angel Lead:

This wing is active to provide direction to complete dream projects/ works of girls.

Wing Shine Lead:

This wing is to provide career workshops and programs for girls.

Wing Victoria Lead:

This wing is to connect the girls globally and give them platform to work on global platform.

Wing Grace Lead:

This wing is to provide personality programs, workshops and talks.

Wing Glorious Lead:

This wing will provide the leadership and effective communication workshops, programs and talks.

Wing Lead will get complete details and benefits through mail after filling up the form.

Final selection will be done by our Grace Ladies panel.

Free Training sessions will be provided to all Leads to lead the wings.

Promotions will happen according to performance and efforts.

No payment involve for any post. Only rewards, gifts and awards will be given according to efforts.

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Connect Globally

Educational talks on career guidance, self-employment, entrepreneurship, employability.

Opportunities to participate in national/ international online & offline events.

Other Benefits of Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing Membership:

  • Recognition as Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing Member. (Membership Certificate will be provided according to your post in wing).
  • Global Connection and networking.
  • Start your immediate earning once you will achieve your post as Wing Lead or City Ambassador or State Ambassador or National Ambassador. (You will receive complete details on mail once you will complete your joining procedure with wing).
  • Start your immediate earning through “Dollar Five Miracle Program” after joining the wing.
  • Knowledge increments through online knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Free online learning sessions.
  • Making friends Globally.
  • Participation in various online wing activities.
  • Opportunities to participate in national/ international online & offline events.
  • Opportunities to get valuable certificates.
  • Opportunities to meet with well-recognized business owners, coaches, and famous personalities.
  • Opportunities to co-host online meetings to build your confidence.
  • Members can propose and conduct their own seminars, talks, and session (online) at the Grace Ladies platform.
  • Grace Ladies members can be the part of Grace Ladies Business according to their own interests and skills.
  • Wing Members can propose activities, classes, or seminars to Grace Ladies business.
  • Get support to start any new business.
  • Get support to grow any ongoing business.
  • Provide job opportunities from time to time(within Grace Ladies business or in other organizations).
  • Offered professional skill training and support to develop a professional attitude.
  • Grace Ladies Global Girl’s Wing is full with lots of career opportunities for girls.
  • Provide the complete learning of self-employment through Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS) to interested members. (All courses of GLOSS is available on discounted cost for wing members).
  • Access the private members community and connect with all network of Grace Ladies global club. 
  • Exclusive invitations to attend Grace Ladies Global Events.


Yearly membership: INR 250 (Need to renew every year)

Lifetime membership: INR 500 (Need to renew in every 5 years) 

Registration Procedure

Step 1: Fill up the registration form 

Step 2: You will receive a mail with all account details 

Step 3: You will receive a membership approval mail 


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