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Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS), under “Anshuman Educational welfare Society” India and with the collaboration of Grace Ladies organization Singapore established in 2015 with proper well-designed self-employment education system completely online for only girls and women. Through GLOSS we are doing worldwide work on women empowerment and providing opportunities to women to establish their own passionate self-employed structure. 

Why you should attend?

Do you want a thriving, sustainable Self-employment that can give your passive income, using your own passionate skill?

Unfortunately, most women-owned businesses don’t get success because they lack the knowledge of basic business model and continuous support needed to grow. The Grace Ladies Online Self-employment School offers the complete knowledge, resources and the network you need to succeed, with both financial and professional level.

You should join us because you will achieve a complete package of learning, investing and earning tools of business in your own passionate skills.

Who should Enroll?

Grace Ladies Online Self-employment School (GLOSS) is for every woman who wants to initiate and run their own business. We always welcome to every woman to choose and select courses according to their own passionate skills and support them to initiate their business. we set the batches or one to one sessions with limited number of applicants for each course to ensure that we should focus on each and everyone equally. GLOSS is for housewives, entrepreneurs, corporate women who wants to switch from corporate job to self-employment, business women who feel ‘stuck’ or that they’re not moving as fast as they want.

What Do you get?

Along with unlimited access to our online modules, content and strategies, you’ll become a member of GRACE LADIES GLOBAL CLUB – a powerful network of women worldwide fully committed to supporting you as you grow. So you’ll never feel alone again in your entrepreneurship journey.

In addition, we provide you with personalized one-on-one special business training in each course. We start by developing your personalized, business model which acts as a long-term roadmap which will support you to achieve success and growth.

Our comprehensive step-by-step strategy, we support to get funds and financial support to start your business. Provide support to create a business proposal to apply for bank loans.


“To self-employed one million women through their own passionate work.”

“To spread the awareness of self-employment and work with passion.”

“To showcase the strength of business training and collaboration in all over the world.”

“To create the opportunities of business through cultural education.”

There are 10 categories of Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School (GLOSS):


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Grace Ladies Online Self-employment School (GLOSS) is a registered training Institute under Anshuman Educational Welfare Society (AEWS) and all certificates from GLOSS are valuable and it can add value in your career growth.

© Grace Ladies Online Self-Employment School 2021

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