Fashion 2020 at home


Fashion 2020 at home

Welcome to enjoy this International Online Fashion Event!


What is an Event?

A planned public or social occasion or engagement.

Why the need for ONLINE EVENTS?

Online Events meaning is to engage the public in planned online activities with complete entertainment. According to the current situation and changes, there is a need to bring and apply this new concept of Online Events. Peoples can engage in online events and connect with each other not only in a particular place/ interest even they can connect globally. Online Events can be very effective for mental relaxation. All viewers and participants can get some new opportunities for learning and enjoyment.


Event Name: Fashion 2020 at home

Event Date: 1st July 2020

Duration: Full Day

Event Place: Online (at our website and social media pages)

Participants: Only women

Viewers: Anyone

Event Level: International

Participants are from Singapore, India, Cambodia, Australia, USA

Purpose of Event:

  • Introduce about new fashion

  • Provide an opportunity to women to showcase themselves

  • Engage the peoples to spend an awesome time for their relaxation

  • Learning about something new

  • Showcase the importance of Online events

The very first time an online fashion event by Grace Ladies. Our motive for this fashion presentation is to provide an idea of fashion at home. We are providing many opportunities for women to learn and gain from Grace Ladies Platform since 2009. We initiated this online event to provide a platform for women to showcase themselves and on the other way to provide an idea of the latest fashion at home to our viewers.

We received many participation requests from different countries. It was not possible for us to display all on our website. So, the selected TOP-50 fashion presentation is displayed on our website.

Congratulations to all TOP-50 participants from Singapore, India, Cambodia, Australia and the USA for their participation. All top-50 participants received the participation certificate from Grace Ladies. Special thanks to all participants to participate and showcase their beautiful ideas of fashion at home. It was not possible to organize this online event without your positive contribution.

Why we are saying, it is the new era of fashion?

Nowadays, most of the peoples are working from home and spend a long time only at home, so, there are fewer opportunities to join outdoor programs, events, parties, or social gatherings. Due to this,  rare chances to get ready with proper dress up and makeup. This is the time to showcase some new fashion which you can do at home on a daily basis instead of not doing any proper dress-up at home. In this new era of fashion at home, you can energies yourself with positivity.

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