What’s Your Meaning of Wellness?

Are you burdened with so many roles in your life that you don’t have time to think about your personal wellness? Yet you have a nagging feeling that you are not happy, physically well or emotionally satisfied. Is it possible that wellness could be a priority for you? Let’s look at what wellness is all about.

What does your personal wellness include?

Wellness is holistic in nature as it includes physical, spiritual, emotional and financial aspects, as well as surrounds the relationships we have in our lives.

Take a moment now to reflect on your conversations with other women. Do you share your efforts at wellness or rather spend time judging how much weight you need to lose or physical characteristics that you don’t like? Be honest. How much time do you spend in negative judgments around your body or your problems? How much time do you spend thinking about your wellness?

All of us are entitled to healthy physical and emotional well being. It’s different for each of us, yet we know when we are there. We experience calm, clarity and a joy for life.

There are 3 simple wellness factors that you can easily pursue – eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water. Those are the basic physical elements that support a well body. In addition, wellness also includes your emotional wellbeing. It’s part of your personal inner balance.

You can acquire balance in your life.

When you decide to focus on wellness, it changes your orientation toward your life. You don’t have to make major changes, rather start to think what wellness means to you. How would wellness show up in your life? Get curious about what a healthy “you” would look like and feel like.

Here are some areas of wellness

  • Physical health – what would that look like to you? Each body is different yet we can choose to maximize our physical well being.
  • Manage stress – important to recognize the difference between good stress and stress that hinders our wellbeing.
  • Forgive yourself – build into your life compassion for yourself and others.
  • Spiritual – what does being spiritual mean to you and can you create a spiritual practice in your life?
  • Appreciation of what you have to offer yourself and others.
  • Eliminate expectations – be present with what is in your life and experience gratitude. Expectations are breeding grounds for disappointment. Do we really need to add more disappointments into our lives?
  • Add fun in your life – watch funny movies, go out with a close friend, remember to smile and enjoy your time.
  • Creativity – express your creative side. By the way, creativity isn’t just about painting, writing, singing, or the more traditional forms of creativity. Rather creativity is an inherent right and need in all of us. Creativity is what makes us smile.

Final Thoughts

Get a cup of coffee or tea, find some private time and start to write your version of wellness. No expectations that you must institute a wellness program into your life, rather be curious about your definition of wellness. It’s your life and you get to express yourself in a way that best supports you. See what turns up. Then take a “small” step towards your personal vision of wellness.

If you are a member of a women’s group, this is a great topic. You may share similar visions of wellness yet each person will bring something unique that expresses who they are to the conversation. It’s always more powerful when we share who we are with others.

Written by:

Karen & Pat


Grace Ladies

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